Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 28.

In the decaying glow of their belief systems, which we nourish and feed us, I had hoped to remain rested in sublime dullardy. Drifting gently down stream to the town each morning and returning to rest each evening under the stars after breathing my fill. I had hoped that the flames and scorching of whatever had transpired was over, that the struggles of the past were long gone, my days of peace had come. How disarming that dream was.

Within this scope now they are clearly seen in their night, the glowing OvidOnir all aflame in ceremony, green in red iRitual. iRed in iGreen DNA onanist worship. Spilled metamorphic, ever shifting, self directing, autochthonic, troglodyte, unconscious in the aggregate and without conscience. It is a toxicity of existence here in the stopped membrane of darkness. Persist sent peculiarly poisonous pecuniary penalty of the life personal and mercuric.

No more, no more I hear you murmur. GTF on with it!

Have you ever noticed, all spell like, that the more money in this system the less there is to hand? The global GDP is mega trillions of bucks and no one I know has anymore than 50 cents to hand. Everyone who might benefit from a shilling or two, the needy, poor and starving has de nada. Yet if you want to have great big naked androgyny swinging from a buttplug chandelier, sweating all over your tellyboxfish and poisoning your psyche then there is no limit to the amount of money to be had. It must have been wondrous to behold the first suggestion of a paralysed, deaf, blind and mute singing and dancing off world, off and on colour contest at a creatives spunk swapping water cooler moment and find it rejected not because of lack of available funding but because the demographics and AGENDA21 brief were not prepared yet. Once the next big one has gone off then the demographics will be just swell, injured and maimed everywhere and the refugees off planet will join in. No wonder the Magic Circle is never short of small change and small children. Ever noticed how backward the world’s most advanced society really is?

I mean why would “Lord Janner faces historical sex abuse prosecution” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33310095 be thrown under a bus in a country that couldn’t give a flying fuck about anything other than keeping high speed rotating machinery in intensive care http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/ or retarded pig bladder kickers in kick-start ladyboys and BBC children’s programs presenters in hyper velocity cocaine?

I mean Janner’s proclivities in the hysterically described BBC Orwellian doublespeak of “historical child abuse”; Shirley you mean “ongoing and widespread raping of children in the UKplc and off shore, within the state sponsored sextrafficking politicocommercialchildabusecomplex, was not hidden. Just go and check out the back issues of the Golders Green local rag for continuous mentioning of his name and others, over the decades, and child abuse allegation denials FFS!

You see that is the trouble with eyes. No one is watching. No one uses them. No one knows how they really work since there is no way the mind can see through a standing or phased array. Remember what I said when this pile of steaming ordure first made emergent issue, many posting ago, about Hollywood physicists. Copenhagen be damned.

Anyway let us get on with the forensic storytelling. If you caught Corbett talking about the 65th anniversary of the Korean Police action kicking off


then, if you’ve been reading here, you will have been waiting for some mention of Jun Carnegie of IG Hamhung.


Just as the recent conspiracy bollox last weekend on UK TV, with our transsexual/crossdressing confused faux academic boybitchboy PhD, tried to convince us that the whole Cold War was caused by Gehlen coming in from the cold and no mention of terrorists operating out of DP camps into Palestine and away from the crime scene they caused. Remember there is never any iCSI at real crime scenes. No JAG at Katyn. No Interpol in Guernsey. No Hercule Poirot at any morgue, boys and girls. No Miss Marple in orphanages frequented by child killers in UKplc. No one to help the poor and soon to be dead.


So one can be sure that any and all crimes and police activity brought to our attention in the MSM are staged productions worthy of true fiction. Show trials and light operetta with berrettas de Menezes stylee.


Whilst we are on the subject of real events, real genocides, real holocausts. Charlie boy resists the urge to give us too much detail on his rock strewn love life and then gets into the meat of Holodomor.


He is correct on the coming world famine though. Scalability, always scalability. Whatever they could do in a camp they will do in a village. Whatever they do in a village they will do in a town. Whatever they did in towns they did in cities. Whatever they can do to cities they do to regions etc, etc, etc…… A global catastrophe is merely a stepping stone towards spreading the affliction afar.

Just as we have never heard of any community in any country at any time, where they were being persecuted and exterminated by yahmoney, being helped schindlerstylee. So we cannot witness the relief of Gazan prisoners today through the remainder of Palestine. And never will. For who ever heard of a group of pirates offering help to anyone anywhere at anytime?

Always take.

That is the moto of RCE/TA and wherever the Yahweists skulk. Imposed on them by the skryptomentalistgodlikecreation itself as it invented a notion of its own mind, made flesh in its own image, realised through primitives for global piracy for ever.

Metamorphosis in camera.