Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 25. Loyalty beyond time.

Welcome to another random mind drip from the repulsine’s strange attractor.

Recently I have been wandering through a load more malarkey about NE Asia whilst noting M*A*S*H’s artistic licence, on two occasions noted so far from Series 1, to convince me that NE is SE Asia. Modern persons might not know where anything is located but I do. The products of modern education working in shipping firms might not know where the ports of entry are but I do. What is land locked was not and what is not will be. So stay nimble and alert, you never know when the ground will be taken from under you.

I was privy to a conversation about modern dancing by two students recently as I chauffeured them home dutifully. It got me wondering. Having confirmed that Alan Turing was known to them both I proposed a dance equivalent to his famous test which was inspired in part by the FIAT adverts from decades ago demonstrating their car assembly plant at work and having been subject to many assaults, by what is considered contemporary dance, upon my optics.

“If one watches a robot and its movements cannot be distinguished from a dancer then that machine can be considered to have achieved Artifarce Inface.”

We’ll call that; The Stoker Test.

Reading more about OSS operations in the Manchukuo and Imperial protectorate remind me a great deal of the operations we are not allowed to know about concerning the Occidental Protektorate. Both spheres of operations were nonVatican extraterritorial free fire zones. Crypto Jesuit if you like. However they were fully penetrated by preRoman Christian assets from the magicmoneyworld. One, Osaka, two, Geneva.

(I am tempted here to add to our lexicon since Rothschild is too nouveau to really get the flavour of what we are dealing with here http://warnewsupdates.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/the-pentagon-wants-to-genetically.html
. RCE=Rothschild Corporate Entity does not really cut it. However having raised that point of discourse I will drop it for now.)

Funny that.

I even broke out Hasting’s Korean War history just to check on what he had to say about the Chosin dams retreat again. Having confirmed the ID of the RM reccy troop, 121st, I left the area and returned to the Protektorate. Specifically to the Amber Room search conducted within and without the Czech and Slovak republics since the choreographed removal of stage props from the area in 1989.

Today, a quarter century later, if the RCE clowns have been told to "spread the meme" as cover for their soon to be revealed traitorous behaviour stealing everything from USofA then expect fuerzes espaciales in down town Dallas soon. So imagine the JFK Space Centre destroyed. Expect Vandenberg captured Donbassstylee. Here in UK we are constantly harangued about anti-semitism being rife. There is no such thing. Everyone here in UKplc has been made too ignorant, too tired and too poor to organise. The only group who have the money and time to organise anything are the never seen doing any work brigade, legislation scribes and their perpetual lie devices. Tel Aviv has been bugging out of the west for decades and they will be in tight with their ChiComm buddies real soon, all under western anti-semitic cover, pronto. I have been stating this clear fact for years now. And yet no one gets it. The RCE/TA is not anything but a chimerical object of alchemy.

To be honest it really no longer matters about the bolloxcoast. There is no need to actually need to know what verifiably happened on those sands as far as the streaming of reality is concerned. Memory of whether it happened or not will be swept away by events on the ground and the written record elsewhere will assert that it happened. Just like all fiction as history, people will believe anything at a sufficient remove from the events. 

A prime example here in UK is the designer violence orchestrated in Ireland over the past century. There has never been anything real about that “conflict” apart from the dead men, women and children. As children we could never work out why the troubles never really kicked off bearing in mind how visceral the hatred was asserted to be by commentators and experts. Tsk tsk.

Incanting the repeating of a non existent is a classic tell of what they are preparing. Soon USofA corp. and Europe will realise that they have been stripped of assets and the main repeat offenders will no longer, as always, be able to disguise the facts on the ground. Only they will have the nice houses, nice cars and nice schools. I will rephrase that fro any Turing fails still reading here. Only the blackmoneyworshippers will inhabit gated communities, travel and know anything. Just like the Roman church was organised in the 10th century AD.

Then the penny will drop on the thickset and they will initiate their pre programming. Immediately the "refugees" can go and hide under the protection of their new bestest friends from the nasty anti semites whilst putting the next part of the project into play.

Just to make that quite stark how would you feel about ChiComm hyper sonic global strike taking out St Louis or Denver? Inconceivable? Well that is how the Chemnitzburgers felt in 1915 and by 1945 they knew what had been plotted from afar. The creepzoids have moved their base of ops. out to China and India as of 2015, one wrong word from USofA citizens and you will soon be non citizens. Inconceivable? Well that is how the good people of Moscow felt in 1915 and by 1935 they had all been killed off by their government financed from afar. How do you fancy that Buffalo? What bit of fully populated Bose-Einstein toxicity do you not under stand about black finance.

The greatest danger to any nation or people is the financing from afar weapon. The explosives and the high velocity pharmaceuticals may be hammering you and your home but the blackmoneyworshippers have to be based out with the 20Σ CEP, at least.

It is impossible for the Turing fails of the HAS to even consider what it is that we detail out here on the ausphart. Alan expected to be surrounded by classically trained, independently thinking, auto actionable, free thinkers debating and chatting with machines within which to apply his test. A challenge indeed to the human intellect. A superior milieu. Instead we have a herd of lowing morons that could be outsmarted by a Commodore 64 in our leadership schools, Bilderberger, CFS, Mega and chthonic low entropy breeding programmes. If these creepzoids are the right hand side of the Gaussian distribution in terms of human capital valuations then WTF kind of credit rating would you get for the HAS inhibitors on the left hand side?

Now then now then boys and girls are you ready for the great leap of faith?

If, and I grant you it is a big if, in fact it is a hyper gargantuan brobdingnagian of a mother fucking myth if; if we view the “discovery” of the Americas as simply the continued operational deployment of that weapon then I ask you to consider where the afar is now?

If God was once smarter than any human then one should expect a stormtrooper rabbi to think that it can now outsmart Yahweh.