Thursday, 11 June 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 24.

Talmudic SMERSH/CHEKA recovery teams and snatch squads operating in the lands assigned to the Soviets by the BIG three bitchboys at Yalta/Potsdam knew that there were two objectives assigned to them by the BIG three boybitches and one important import that their BIG Boss demanded.

First B3 objective was a truncated continuation of the pre war plan which had envisioned the Red Murder Army arrival on the beaches of the Costa del Sol. That plan writ small can be seen in Poland after the Soviet invasion of 1939. Destroy all nationalists and promote all internationalist murderers. Results of that action were the massacre of Poles at Katyn, amongst other places, and the Commissar order given to German forces. By 1945 the, by now concatenated, plan was halted by the inconvenient presence of US Armies in Europe.

Second B3 objective was the continued destruction of the Germans/European nationalists as a technological threat to the Stone Age belief system which functions as the basis of all so called “western” retarded culture. So we end up with millions of Germans dragged off into the Gulag genocide system and nationalists killed by skulking crypto western academics in their own homes.
As for the BB demand, that was driven by the fact that Moscow Central had two things no one else had. ALL the bankster driven intelligence on who was to be liquidated in the west supplied through BIS prior to 1940.

Do you really think that the money that pays for everything from food to secret police files, politicians to dictators, fuel to education, do you really think anything can be kept from Rock/Roth? Do you really think that things happen naturally? If you want something done just make money freely available to that process. Removal of poverty, is that wanted? No. Terrorists living the high life? Yes. Medical care? No. Unlimited supply of money for TV, movies and drech? Yes. Unlimited funds for imbecilic activities ad nauseam? Yes. Replacing morals with ethics? Yes. Eugenics disguised as disgusting carers? Well you answer that one.

Another driver was massive envy of USofA corp. Above all Uncle Axe Murder Inc. wanted a load of B29s and the BOMB. Why do you think only B17s and Lancasters got parked on Soviet controlled airfields? Uncle Red Bastard had a problem though from the “vertigo of success” .

From the commanding heights of the workers paradise there was  no way that advanced technological requirements could be initiated nor conceived without prior genesis out side the eviloid closed system of death. Russia was turned into a mentally sterile Soviet horror kibits and spiritually bereft Talmudic slave house. It would be easy enough to cast en masse 100,000 tank turrets after instruction but the resources needed to construct AND then remediate manufacturing faults in a programme such as the B29 were beyond the paradise where everyone was either shot or worked 20 hours per day.

There was also the problem that USofA corp citizens would not sell out their country. That was the remit of Washington DC which would require another 20 years to get the country riddled with commie traitors.

BTW I don’t mean “work” in the politicians/bankers/mediagoons/fuckwitz sense of 20 hours work. I mean that in the coal miners/steel workers/ship builders 20 hours of real work. I could do a 48 hour day if all I had to do was wander around an environmentally controlled plush office, get chauffeured to the thunderbox, talk bollox all day, get my ass kissed by lickspittles and snort coke off a hand pulled gentlemangirl’s minge or eat sushi from a kick start ladyboy’s exhaust. Anyone can work all day whilst play acting in whiskey and having nanocandy hand served by serfs up the ass and upon the stage.
So to expect the USSR to put together a BOMB with only info feed from Apiru metasynagogue members in the banksterspy, spyentific and commerspionage world was asking too much. Uncle Psychokiller needed to get his hands on the physical plant and the live bodies. By 1941, Uncle Mass Murderer new he was no longer a favourite son. Mind you some did wander over voluntarily like von Ardenne and co. in 1945. Others ran like fuck for the hills. So the race was on to get some geezers into the trap before they all disappeared to Dimona or Whitesands down the prepaid and prepared rat lines.

There are those who will object to the use of the word Jew here, well that is a Jewish problem. Jews need to stop being found sponsoring at the crime scenes covered in blood, murder weapons in hand, surrounded by dead persons and talking crap all day from their temporary convenient instruction manuals for murder and theft. Oh and while we are at it, anyone who talks about Islam needing a Reformation is misread in two respects. Islam IS the reformation. There was no Reformation. Phukkedwitz!!!

Anyway back to the Soviet slaughterhouse and it’s attempts, smiled on by the boys in the BIG room, to grab the guys and tech needed to spark off a big one.

The greatest danger to the plan for the global democratisation of poverty that the clowns in BIS faced was a successful USofA corp. I mean having gone to all the trouble of planning a new crank age of ignorance for the world the scum in USofA corp. only went and delivered fun and plenty to the world.

The fickingh bar stewards.

So ever resourceful and predictable, the age old successful plan of faux enemy creation from ersatz old friends was rolled over like long term debt instruments into a new age of fakery. In order to do that several things needed to be addressed in the technological failings of the new enemy.

One, Stalin threatened his scientific and engineering orcs with a short trip to the road of bones if they didn’t divvy up the new wonder weapons pronto, having failed the Soviet paradise bigstylee in the Great Patriotorc War. (Slav Kill Zone)

Two, UKplc handed over specific engineering tech. (Trouble Stirring Zone)

Three, having missed most of the bodies in Europe, though not the tech and plant, Stalin was handed the conspicuous bodies in Japanese territory. Imperial possessions where no inconvenient US forces would get in the way Pattonstylee. (Police Action Zone)

I mean, come on. Wouldn’t a load of Korean nuke scientists look out of place in the Negev FFS!!!!

Only surviving Nazi contracted scientists could discretely make their way to Demona.