Monday, 13 August 2018

Stand Down Orders ChappatteeChabaddieCharraddeee

Like Smashy and Nicey with schweremachinengewerpsychotronische.

They couldn’t foil 9/11, they couldn’t assist AGTR-5, they poisoned all of Vietnam with defoliants, they can’t clear the poppies, they are simulacra robokillturingfails, an airborne global pox.

What is the point of sending an F22 after a disparaged, despairing aircraft pilot?

As remarked here

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Many times it has been obvious over the passed 50 years that the RCE/TA firebase was getting ready to ditch its westbitches and rehookup with its cathaybitches, all under the cover of the westbitches being antiphukkwitz.

SNAFU!: I want your opinion. Why should the US step betwe...: Have you been watching the little dust up between Saudi Arabia and Canada?  A quick rundown goes like this.  Saudi Arabia arrested some wome...

So right on queue the Canuckbitchboys roll another snakeyes and the Habiruextant get all shirty. Well guess who’s cravencaravan is off to shit all over the decks of chicomm warships, eh?

If there are Chicomm feurzes espeziales in Syria that is only because when Syria is gone Iran will be surrounded and there is only that one country not under RCE/TA control between the RCE/TA firebase and the RothCathay border.

Then the masons of the air will blow away home, spent.