Friday, 24 August 2018

Money Fast Breeder, what’s your real handle China? The remains oftoady....

Have you ever read the official history of the Manhattan project? The sewage works.

Ever checked out the membership of the olive grove? The amnesiac mind palace self constructed victims.

“However, the test of a culture is purely empirical: despite being the most literate people in Europe, until integrated into western empiricism (Aristotelianism), they Jews contributed nothing to mankind for two thousand years, other than judaism, christianity, and islam, by which ALL the great civilizations of the ancient world were destroyed by the underclasses, and by which they are destroying western civilization at present. Small contributions that are not unique do not compensate for the destruction they have caused everywhere they have gone. 1B dead by Abrahamic religions, and 100M dead so far by Communism and Leftism worldwide: Abrahamism created the Abrahamic Dark Ages.”

Ever seen an emptied mind palace at work?

Look at UKplc, Magik circles selling bog roll und anusol to the redretards. Only in Stabstanistanzentral could there be a move at welfare bitch London Assembly level to force councils to care for dead cats whilst nothing is done to stop child trafficking on behalf of Viet und Nung drug gangs and their booby trapped semidetached plantations. What a phukking dump!

Only in UKplc could the public subsidised creatives decide to force the subject of childrens’ shitchutes onto the Skyspywindow immediately after a notorious GGT charity whore child post mortem sodomiser got released from public attention in rigor. What a shithouse!

Only in UKplc welfarebitched gulag could the phake troTory first Lord of the money debasing cellar, gangstaexCHEQUA from CHECKARS, apply 15th century laws to the 21st century ruins of civilisation.
Only in the Globe theatre as City could playtime STARSI be trained to be disguised temporary ineffectives whilst in actuality they are kryptoZOMO, skeletal murder machines, in waiting to be fleshed out. Think a black Jaime Bond and the UKabo as ubisquitosBlofeldis insectoids to be swatted away, tubeflattended electricianpistolstylee.

This must have been what it was like as the aqueducts started to be demolished by the same phukkwitz we now witness inhabiting the wankstator stages. Anyway the fallow fields principal means new corpirations will be watered into bloom soon as the sweated assets fall into weeping sand blown failure.