Friday, 10 August 2018

Love this guy, he’s one of the canaries tweeting 2020.

Since the RothMilner group pencilled in the Brisbane line 80 years ago now, the viability of the old Huq lands and Sulu seas have been in limbo.

First the OsakaRoth boys rolled through and got stalled by geezers from Montana and Victoria.

Then McArthur walked out of the surf again and before you know it peace had inconveniently descended and Alinsky theory means you cannot gunfire and sniper your way into Oak Island like biscuit bunkers disguised in indiscernible Japscribble.

Watch the ChiComms roll through for a big McVities pickup soon.

He’s going to burn.

“(CNN)Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to kill dozens of Philippines National Police (PNP) officers who are under investigation for crimes in an expletive-laden rant targeting criminality in the force.
After hauling 102 officers to the Malacañang -- the Philippines Presidential Palace -- Tuesday, the firebrand leader unloaded on them, calling them "useless... (and) a menace to society," CNN affiliate CNN Philippines reported.
Many of the officers presented to Duterte are under investigation for serious crimes including rape, kidnapping, extortion and involvement in the drug trade. Others are accused of administrative lapses, like being absent without leave and failing to appear for court duties.”

Marcos got US custody and protection despite spending decades helping HM fuerzes especialies and black SSKs load as much as could be got from the bay but the big pickup needs island building skills.

Oak Island traps=Golden Lilly traps