Monday, 27 August 2018

Faked Media Hunger

Know anything about heavy water? No you don’t. It was everywhere. Want to buy a Spruce tree? Why would a commando fail and be delivered as tree success and yet no commando has ever succeeded in protecting the UKabo from anything? Are UKAlbedoAbos too thick to exist? Well I suppose that the tat that passes for UKAbos currently will die off since they were part of the youngest civilisation on the planet. Easy prey to metamentalraptors.

Those who have read out here on this partoftheausphart will know that I have warned here since the beginning and where ever I comment, though no one gets it, that the same modus and propaganda will, I repeat WILL, be applied to the AlbedoAbos in general now, as was dealt out specifically to the Irish and Russians.

I have also warned consistently that the Rothschild Criminal Enmity/Tel Aviv is waiting for the right moment to cry antiPhukkwitz on the West and cuddle up openly to their newest and bestest century inbred hatchery bitched cathayboybitches.

With UKplc having been turrned into a national equivalent of Palmerstone’s 19th century London hybrid breeding kennels for European revolutionaries, the 21st century equivalent will be global revolution, how else do you explain quantitative easing and nothing for the UKAlbedoAbos. The waves of global revolutionaries have been groomed and are ready for deployment. Think Whitehats as a proof of concept and the mega airlift out of Heathrow will reap its global harvest soon.

It is not easy to get hard facts to make these things clear and yet every so often the procelainshatteringshitters drop their load and a great big shiney turd surfaces that should never have seen the light of day.

Let us look at what this means for UKabos.

Quite simply, you will die if you are not strategically aligned with the business plan. No UKabo is even aware of the business plan so you will die through rationing or business triage. Die under clear propaganda cover. If the GGT can lie in the clear for 20 years about the dead left all over the world by NATO flower power. If the GGT can lie in your face about GGT talent sodomising dead cripples and smoothing the lives of imported rape paedophile grooming gangs phukking young female UKAlbedoAbos, it will ignore starved dead UKabos lying in the streets of D Noticed control zones. I would watch  “The War Game” to see how the civil power will pull a distributed system Katyn Wood on UKabos. UKmedia is now HyperPRAVDAfundamentalists afraid of COMINTERNexpulsion from life.


CanAbos can expect, a la Irlanda c1840, all the food to be marched under contract, out under John Company guard, exported from the country right in front of your starving eyes. It will likely be accompanied by an engineered crop failure, a la Ukrania c1930. This is necessary for the business plan which requires feeding the war machine as it kills billions on the hyperlittoral.

SNAFU!: The Philippines is thinking about its insurgency w...: via Bloomberg.  The Philippine president is opposing an offer by the U.S. defense chief and other top American officials to buy F-16 fi...

All this will be eased by recent imported talent families in the Commonwealth administration engines hidden deep in the NGOs and StatecullingOrgs.

USofA corp.

Now don’t expect any help from the USofA corp. They are currently experiencing anti-idolitary as anti-fa. That means private state sponsored bloodshed soon. USofA corp are going to get the equivalent of fake factory strikes, a la Россия c1900. Constant fake strikes for fake reasons run by porcelainshatteringphukkwitz. In USofA corp this will manifest as a running programme of weapon seizures under faked events for the safety of civilians. Then the CHEKA/STASI/ZOMO will take everyone away or organise battles where the shitters will be constantly supplied with endless Special Drawing Right fake currency to buy UNmercs and weapons and the USofA corp. money markets and credit will have gone. Expect all aircraft moved off shore or grounded by UN sanctions.

When the dust settles expect Brasilia/Arabia Felix/Cathay to install Global Ba al Hammon in the Hyperlittoral and MacKindergarten theory to have been at last exposed like Darwin, Freud, Einstein and Freidman as just mind dust for dessicated fools.

One further constant evident in the pixel bashing here is that I have repeatedly stated that no where in AlbedoAbo history has it ever been shown that the AlbedoAboleadership at any point has done anything other that seethe with hatred at the ordinary Albedoperson. From Iberia in the time of Hasdrubal to Breslau in the time of Stalin the AlbedoAboleaders have always been strategically aligned with the porcelainshatterer mindparasite and spiritoten.

Pharmacy time.