Saturday, 11 August 2018

Black Aircraft over Tabriz

If you’ve ever read Keith’s stuff, which is just an echo of repatriated Phoenix and unbent Paperclip, one thing that should strike one is the “hearsay” flavour of the narrative.  I suppose when you get a load of black chopper self unloading cargo kicking over your phu bowl and torching your rice store that is your own very espeziale “hearsay”. “Ignorance as hearsay” as an unknowing V2 victim might say in London 1944.

Black U-boats, black ops, black budget all hearsay. Except when it turns up and blows you out of the pages of recorded and fabulous “history” at 2:30am zulu.

If you’ve ever supped from the glass of whitehatdom you’ll know that all of it was/is distilled by A.A.Milne.

All of it is a pooh porn shot.

There may be black helicopters over head but there are definitely no white hats anywhere now.

Everyone has been made a monkee of.

For the UKabo, not the recent imports of supremacists, the smell of Yankee Tetraethyllead and the feel of Czeck armour plate make us all aglow. We did that, we did that. And we did. The rickets infested, deprived white scum of these isles were given some stuff for a while and we did it all. Then it was taken away slowly whilst the European eternaltalpiotcriminals were integrated in comfort.

Do you remember getting nothing? And paying with everything.

All erased like a geezer getting his teeth pulled for Memorex. Once the next one has blown over no one will understand that the dead never wanted this future.

Look at those two photos. Remember?

What was going down that the multipronged op that failed and succeeded in the rest of that year stopped?

What we can say is that there were no black aircraft over head and that there is no reason whatsoever to believe anything you hear over ATC nets or on radar displays, ever.

If phunky women and telephone engineers in 1943 could mess with the Kammhuber lines WTF do you think learning engines and bought media proprietors could do to persons sickened to death by their debts and in rotted spiritual health, c 2001AD?

Who do you think did it? Judge Dredd!!!

Back to zeevar. Do you remember when the 100octane lads were backs to the wall having just, and no more, staved off the 87benzeneers? All we could do was hang on by our finger tips until the lads we had been trying to destroy, semiseriously of course off course, turned up in their P47s to rescue us.

Do you remember when the eeveel nasties, who hadn’t gassed anyone yet, attacked the biggest gang of murdering, 20 million unalive Europeans by 1940, psychopathic talmudic welfare bitchboy warlocks ever seen on earth? Do you remember how the head witch Stalin was in so much trouble that USofAbos were conned into giving him all the goodies that ordinary people in Virginia and Texas had to die without in the 1930s? Do you remember?

So if me and Walker Texas Ranger are lying gunshot in an alley way, one would be more than surprised to hear that both of us, subsequently, had been witnessed ramraiding a WalTescCarre for humous and orgiastic asparagus whilst roaring our aspergers hard shagging a selfcheckoutAI.

Wouldn’t one?

So how come Walker and I invaded Iran in 1941?

In those days black aircraft were indeed witnessed overhead in Tabriz. Now I am not suggesting that Kommando Rowehl had 288s running out of Bulgaria but it is a measure of the failure, deliberate sabotage of western tacair, that something in the SPECTRE infested LM/BAe/P&W triumvirate, the pact of shite, has not got our best interests at heart. I used to think that the F35 was like the Ju288 but it is even worse. Conceptually it is like a Breda 88. £££££££Bernoullimong$$$$$$$.

Look at those two photographs again.

In 2001 the F35 was crap. Gazillions of sponds later in 2018 it is megacrap.

In 2001 the ChiComms were just able to park a 1950s vintage derivative F8 over Hainan. Gazillions of sponds later they have paved the South China Sea and can now park the 2018 equivalent of an F111 and an F23 overhead.

And the black aircraft still fly over Tabriz.