Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Smokin’ saddles and deep action state.

It was a few years since I did a saddle check and we’d lost the spoor of the perps in our own reverie. The namshub had not protected us from enchanted chance.

Even back then there was still an empty place for someone who could use a long gun, and Chris was still looking to hire a knife man.

Our trail looked like this.

Farrell, CAF, Dolan, Levenda, Celente, Tarpley….

Since then we’ve had to leave Farrell gutshot in a whore house in El Paso, Levenda got taken somewhere around Tuscon by Vatican Assassins. Tarpley got lifted by Pinkertons and is languishing in a Boston pastry shop. Celente left to pick up some new boots in Baja California and Dolan and CAF went off to Australia.

So there I was sitting by the dock of the Bay moping, filing down the lead.

A sudden shout and Celente is back.

PhukkinA Gerald, PhukkinA.

A short telegram from Hart says he’s on a swift packet from St Ives and will be with us shortly.

Mami's Shit: The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2018.08.13: Graham and Brizer's guest: John Kaminski Graham Hart - Hoax Train.mp3 Graham Hart.biz Cornwall Stream Mami's Archive The G...

We ride again, south, towards others who know what is what and what we don’t know but I’ve got my bus pass with me just in case.