Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Steamed Punklings

China Defense Blog: Limited inside view of H6K bomber: Since H-6K's redesigned Cockpit Display Systems is classified without a single clear picture on the net, but judging from Prez Xi's ...

I do love a good retrofuturology reality. It is a little touch of the mongmind at work on the whole world. Whomever it was, Soviet General or Nobel Laureate, who quipped that WW IV would be fought with cavalry didn't quite get it. WW IV will look like a masonic meeting at a watering hole Kubrickstylee.

Anyway look at that stuff. It is all 1940s.

Where ever Chink Groom Lake is you can be sure that their advanced concepts will get aborted once BAe/LM dual biologicals get involved in helping them expand the envelope.

Mind you I did hold my breath as we got through that "Where are my legions?" moment a few months ago.