Thursday, 31 May 2018

China Defense Blog: Cold War Artifacts of the day: The 7 Chinese arti...

China Defense Blog: Cold War Artifacts of the day: The 7 Chinese arti...: Long before the Chinese started constructing artificial islands, they built 7 artificial hills/fortresses in NE China, hoping to slow down a...

I love this old Amir river zone stuff.

What does it recall to mind?

Lessons learned.

  1. The John Company Japanese fuerzes commerziales on the border with USSR OMG areas must have been semi effective despite poor equipment in Aug 1945.
  2. The Imperial Japanese corps level forces still functioning in the Korean peninsula in Oct 1945 must have been similar.

Shadows cast.

  1. UK chicken coup nuclear chemistry achtung minen that were designed to complete the job that 50 years of virulent anti European racism, directed from London City’s Rothchild Corporate Enmity genocidal transmitter, taking over from the Roman failed attempt 1500 years ealier, had not given mission accomplished.
  2. RothRock’s bollox fire base in RCE/TA.

Now that brings to mind JUKakos engineering capabilities.

  1. Financial derivatives went off in the faces of the Bitched Nation’s best. Ass designed.
  2. RR Merlins v’s Packard Merlins. Leaks like a sieve on the Bitched Nation’s best.
  3. Red Anthrax. Need we say more.
  4. Kill lists from PermindexNHSinc for the Bitched Nation’s tax payers. Sorted; to be FexEx’d out Air Americastylee to payed up, soon to be Bitched, OtherAbos overseas.


“What does the Bitched Nation do very well?” I hear you ask.

Small Royal secret things in the dark is the answer.

There is never a glitch in the Engineering Matrix here. You can knock up a child athlete and not a finger is raised against you ‘cosjuizupplininnit..


Perfect 10s are what you need to steal $40 trillion dollars, isn’t that so Rabbi Roboplanes?