Friday, 25 May 2018

Is this what it was like....

......when the ordinary person was staring at the profit and hope, the prophetary note, the forgery waved off a Lockheed from Munchen all those decades ago....

...before the deliberated gunfire and sniper gestarted at an increased tempo, like swapping an MG34 for an MG42, one clears the decks for empty lives and hypergolicmunitions plants. Is this what it was like the evening the women lopped off the Herm cocks over two millenia ago?

If we can see it coming, like Jaurès, then which bit of we think you are a retarded lying phukkwitz don’t the dead get yet? If you believe that McCain and his mates didn’t know that at this moment he would say just so, then phukkofffhyaakhaaant!

Cannot you see that the great library is burning down around you again? Is this what it felt like to watch the flames lick their lips all those centuries ago? Go and try researching the cock stranglers from Golders Green and their Magic Circled bunnies now. Looked at in the amounted usuary of events doled out for iniquitous experience then the last action has long fled from this empty shelved catalogue of words. All that remains are faggots misleading false truth seekers like mercury fuming glowworms showing inabledsimpletons what both parties believe is the light.

It isn’t that all the books have gone forever it is that they are given to vixens to deliver. Any reading of Quigley can only lead one to two conclusions.

The message to take from Tragedy and Hope is that, and I paraphrase, “You cunts got away three times now. You phuikkin’ ain’t getting away a fourth time”.

You can quote me on that.

And. The true influence over all occulted civilisation is the North/South cutting of contact when needed and manipulation of approved contact between, the West/East extremes of the Eurasian land mass. This cannot exclude the preglacial civilisation and I would refer you to all mentions here of singing maps over the years. MacKinder can go and shuv his pathetic totenkinderanalysis up his shitter sideways. I have always maintained that someone is out to reclaim their land grants lost under snow.

I mean what bit of Harran gambling and the purveyors’ stink theory don’t current collateral get? You do not study the stars from a tower. You worship points of light there. You do not study the stars by staring into the sky. You measure your lowered gaze from the ring of bright waters.

The contrast between the small number of hyper intelligent human beings living in this world 5000 years ago and the deluge of starving hypermuppets infesting the dump today is a wonder to behold. Look at what 2 geezers and a bit of day light could do in Giza, the Andes, Celtic lands, Urals, Batavia and under the see off India.

What do you get these days? Massive exoduses of cacophonous Turing fails swarming  and kacking everywhere in the jerrybuilt environment.  What is so difficult AI researchers, the meat sacks are thick as shit. surely you could get a ZX Spectrum to pass the test now?!!! FFS!!!! You can sodomise a robot at a train station these days without fear of CIAduh or MISIS shooting your orange boiler suite off renditionstylee. WTF.

AI, Synthetic Anal Sex, pathetic industrial scale counterfeiting, drug peddling, child killing, war as pleasure and death as recreation. All this activity turns up in the GDP activity, well so does slavery, so fuck the GDP or any other measure of economist equation envy.

If you’ve got the measure of the drift we are evolving into then always remember that the diabolical engines of the number worshippers constantly fails through love fatigue. Their lonely metric cannot deal with the repeated contrabarycycling of our infinite real lofe.

Is this what it was like for all those others who perished all that time ago…... To see it all coming too fast…..

Anyway that is enough bollox for this evening, I’ve still got millions of pages to rune. It is getting late here again and I must be off…