Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Cyberlithic paralytic.....

......TSR2/F117/ASAT finally resolved.

Plinking out "black ice" in space to piss off the RFID 8200 LEO Autoshoppers of the Lion's mouth doesn't come cheap.

SNAFU!: SU-57 used for the first time in combat. Conducte...: Thanks to Drinas for the link! #Syria Unconfirmed Report Minutes Ago by the Militant Idlib governorate radio : “New russian fighters &q...

Mind you what is coming is not pretty.

Imagine if you can Verdun, only scaled up by several orders of magnitude to stretch from Andorra to Byelorussia, stalked by nap of the earth Big Dawgs feasting on rotting flesh, the final erasure of Hermetic thought in action again.