Monday, 21 May 2018

Shaggin' the Al'n

I will bet you real money, not industrial scale forgery and counterfeiting as perped by the Fed, BoE and BIS brigands,.....

...Babelconartists und Apiruwhiteslavers, that the first mating of a human and ANY off planet organism, synthetic issue or otherwise, will be crowned hybridUbermongandrogynKong of District 9 here on Earth, thanks to the numismaticamnesiacmnemonicdemonics here in RCE/LC. There will be no, repeat no, special withdrawing rights technique there altrighty!!!! Phukkmee, you couldn't make this shit up!!!!!!

I love this item form the comments section here...
"You know, given the absolute control that "they" have over these de-balled, has-been royals, we can't help but wonder if Meghan Markle -- a moderately attractive, divorced, 36-year old, half-Negress, Hollywood feminist actress who has surely been mounted up by more bucks that even Winston Churchill's notorious whore of a mother, Jennie Jerome -- wasn't forced upon handsome Prince Harry (age 33) as some sort of elite psy-op against the traditional White remnants of rapidly diversifying / rapidly decaying Britain. Seriously, this guy could have married any 20-something year old virgin (or at least something with far less "mileage") in all of England. What the heck is going on here?"

Here's some more good stuff to listen to whilst the Russians get blamed for every penny we handed over to HMG being stolen by perps operating out of the RothFirebase in Tel Aviv.

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BTW Tumpernator which global terminatorchariddees have you been instructed you need RCE/Jerusalem to give cover for?