Saturday, 19 May 2018


It will soon be 200 years since the UKabos in Manchester were told to go phukk themselves and got rolled over by horse soldiers.

It will soon be 100 years since the UKabos in Glasgow were told to go phukk themselves or get rolled over by tank soldiers.

Next year expect the UKabos to be rolled over by cybersoldiers.

All these things happen after UKabos are sent overseas and the homebase is turned to a weaponfabblabpageant.

Then, when exported milwitnesses repatriate after the gunfire and sniper in other lands the undesired real world experiences and memories of the returnees must be denied and suppressed.

Ooooooo….. I hear you snikker..what happened in 1949 then? Well ersmartarz it all got delayed whilst the colonials who had gone off script got phukked over royally. Look at the places where noone was allowed to get caught in the gunfire and sniper. Canada, NZ, Aus, Rhodesia, SeethEfrika and of course the great big weapons dump USofAcorp. UKabos got NHS and unionised make work for long enough to make them impotent again.

Haven’t you read 1984? It is to be brought right through your door any day soon by an albedoassaultamazondrone. Muppet!

So with that in mind let us remove all the polluting mindming that clouds the ether, of what sits like a great straw filled fuming curd atop the throne here in UKaboland, soon to be UKaantland, it is leaderless suppression aboriginal harvesting by absence of proxy.

The most diverse, equal opportunity, non discriminatory, homicidal, racist, misogynist, supremacist humanity hating pile of pyramidal shite is topped by no thing.

The cap stone is not missing, there is literally nor thing there.

That is correct. In a territory stuffed full of religioterrorist gated compounds and open gulags how could a collection of TavistockVostokwitch Doctors, Marxist Business Administrators and NumberworshippingAlchemical Ackuntants be anything other than no thing?

SNAFU!: UK to cut its buy of F-35s? This story will not g...: Thanks to Spinflight for the link! Via Telegraph. The British Government is committed to buying 138 F-35 fighter aircraft from US ma...

As for the F35? It is a weapon system designed to kill a generation of engineers careers and leave the west open to being rolled out like Nung and Hotentots. Scalability is a bitch when you are on the receiving end.

Which bit of “You were supposed to have been removed from history in 1942 white boy” don’t you get?

Which bit of "Talmudic nukes came out of the conzentrationlager complex" don’t you get?

Samson is a Buna boy ersatz eretz rubber mushroom phukkwitz option??