Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Originally posted 5th Nov 2015.

Mindless murderers bankrolled by Banksters on any and all occasions.

Fiat money = Dead people everywhere.

Additional 22nd May 2018


Lets party like its 1939

I suppose like we take a view of high Sun King lalaland, the puffed dandy, a creation not a real thing, the RegencyBeauBummer, the bewiggedwastrelwigger, looked upon as a WTFconcoction?

In the 23rd century even Elvis will be forgotten as a mere transitory fixture in the display cabinet of fauxlife. Butterflies from any other creation.

Anyway as anyone who has read of the horrors perpetrated on the locals in Syria by London financed terrorists, echoes of CHEKA/NKVD behaviour in the USSR against the locals there will be heard clearly. Only the Talmud Stosstroopers and easy free money from London can brew such a witches’ stew.

The parallels continue.

End of Spanish Civil War
A look back at events in history on May 19.
Spanish Head of State Francisco Franco presides over the first victory parade after the end of the Spanish Civil War in Madrid on May 19, 1939, while members of the Civil Guard and Moorish Guard stand under the tribune. During this ceremony Francisco Franco is accompanied by military officials, el Gran Visir del Jalifa de Tetuan, and the Generals Aranda and Saliquet. Franco went on to establish a military dictatorship, declaring himself Head of State and Government and took on the title of El Caudillo (the Chief). During his regime, he caused an estimated 200,000 to 400,000 deaths. His 36-year-rule ended with his death in 1975.

Once all the flies have finished blotting the sun expect OxBridge tenures for the perps again.

"When in 1999 I was in Oxford, they did not let me into their home. They lived in an affluent Victorian town house overlooking the beautiful, verdant district in this academic city. Their neighbors thought of them as staid retirees who came here from Poland in the early seventies. Here, they were the respected Mister and Madam professors. He, Włodzimierz Brus, was an economics professor, who also taught Russian and Central European philology at Wolfson and St. Anthony's College. His wife, Helena Wolińska-Brus, was a frequent participant in the academic symposia, but, even more so, she was an ardent socialite.
Seven decades after her crimes, this bloody Stalinist prosecutor became the inspiration for Paweł Pawlikowski, and a heroine of his Oscar winning motion picture "Ida," which is gaining acclaim around the world.
Members of the real Polish émigré circles, who were forced to leave their homeland in the aftermath of the Soviet takeover of Poland after World War II, remembered that Wolińska manifestly supported the "Solidarity" movement and condemned Martial Law imposed on Poland by the Jaruzelski’s Communist junta. The couple was friends with prof. Norman Davies and other prominent Oxford’s scholars. They all knew that she was the Stalinist prosecutor. In Poland, for example, she was defended by Prof. Andrzej Friszke - the same man who snidely referred to the searching and exhumations of the missing Doomed Soldiers as “meaningless digs.”"