Saturday, 28 April 2018

2 Johns

A long time ago in a research lavatory, far, far away, your correspondent was likely to be found trying to catch something of the proper world peeking through the analogue engineered disaster zone that was UKaboland’s daily bogroll of powercuts and rationed phukkwittery.

Don’t forget this was the land of unbounded UKaboscumprivelage where coal miners would come home after a 14 hour shift at the mine, black lunged, and shoot a house nigger for fun. Steel workers would be found whipping Africans around their allotments after coughing up their tubercular hatred. UKaboland where acres of  20th century war dead graves testify to the institutional racism of UKaboscum and their squalid, disease ridden, freezing, designerignorant, impoverished supremacist homes.

In those days, as the 21st Century was just coning into focus and Captain Scarlett had retired, I would try and watch for a long limbed Aus who always seemed to be doing a thing to be admired by a youngster who couldn’t wait for the real thing to finally turn up.

If Aus wasn’t around there was the BBC clown who was parked in front of us to make sure no one watched the real John later. This BBCraven cataract of a pukin’ punk was instructed to make news bite sized gruel of nothing for small UKaboscum so that in 40 years the average UKabo would not recognise an event in its tenapants.

It was not easy to watch telly by candle light 1970stylee. In the years when UKplc was getting ready to transfer all its engineering capital to what had been the Imperial Japanese Rothschild colony. A land where RothRock had ensured there was not more than 10 native university graduates in the whole nation in the year 1945. A tract of land where the ROKabos had been genocided by RothAlliedRock gun fire and sniper for year upon year and then a family military dictatorship installed for decades after, N&S.

Do you remember how easy it was to engineer 9/11? All you need is the CIA, industrial scale counterfeiting of fake money and a messenger of death Kiss Heinrich, heypresto suddenly you’ve got 30mm shells ventilating your cranium in Santiago de Chile. So don’t give me any crap about military dictatorships. They stay as long as the banksters need a suspension of the accounting system in this or that country.


Alas the alternative was doled out to us small UKaboscum and all we got was ersatz fanta citybru instead, force fed through cosseted botbitchboys and boybotches urine tracts from the sewer at Whitecity from where BBCSavile shagged dead cheeldren…….

Don’t give me any bollox about rogue Satanists wandering the corridors of power and procuring and prayeying on the helpless on operations. All you need is the deadHand of replacement killers and a common purpose, abracadabra suddenly you too can wear clearedofhuman eyeball jewellery to Sandringham and Royal bedchambers.


Anyway here is John as I always think of him. A real geezer in real events dodging dangerous players who wish to halt peaceful realisations by violence.

And here is the cBBCbotchboy who heaved into view spewing syntheticpablum…what a cunt!!!