Saturday, 14 April 2018

China Defense Blog: 5th PLAN Marine Brigade update (4/12/2018)

Anyone got that 1941 feeling, rolling west on someone else's roads. Or a Manchuria 1945 roll over by experts. Dead collateral everywhere.

I don't want you to get all miserable but just think of all the stuff that would never have been had the BT5s got to Ploesti and the Iron Gate. No Scooby Do, no Beatles and not one of you reading here.

The expected ass symmetry in opposition defence circa 2020 suggests this is not  expected to be a peer penetration.

It can only be a matter of months now until the OMGs start rolling into someone's town near you, as the Monkees would say.

China Defense Blog: 5th PLAN Marine Brigade update (4/12/2018): Recon elements of the 5th Marine Brigade just received its Lynx 8x8 All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) .   The fact that they are issued ATV instead ....

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Where ever the new high speed armour turns up we can be sure that the business plan was signed off ages ago, forget the protests phukkmuppets it is coming no matter what you do, and decades past a bankster funded NGO/Film crew as Aufklärungsabteilung turned up and stayed to open the city gates today.