Thursday, 12 April 2018

Imagine a Kriegsverbrecher, imagine a collection.......

.......of vacuousAbos, only in this the most advanced society on Earth can it walk around unarrested by the lead pill pharmacy.

This thing opened its arse and made piousflatulentnoises about Syria.

Imagine Kaganovich taking your grandma away to a caregulag.

Imagine Blokhin taking your children away to Kindertoten.

Imagine Marx taking expectant women to Cathrinechimneys. BWAHAHAHAHAAAA!!

Imagine your life as useless flaming stage props and having no works to be judged by.

Only in the shithouse, soon to be  turned into Roth's fallow fields, known as UKaboland, can these NobelOscarcouchedclowns lord it over the spiritless inhabited carbon based meatsacks.