Friday, 13 April 2018


......bringing you the smell of your children's spilled guts every day in every way.

One wrong move by these MKSTASI muppets, one word off prepared TALMUDscript, one gesture of freedom and a ROYALsilent night pass will be issued from the firebase in RCE/TA.

Mind you the tour spouse/fluid swapper handlers will get a good beating before hand when the dream analysis unit start getting warning signs of freewill creeping into the Stepfordmanqeuines.

Can you imagine how much better life would be without the massive overhead of their utter noncesense and ubermong stenching up the world. BTW robophukkwitz, where the phukk has all the money gone that you stole from us in the form of taxes?

These deviousdevoidmingingmissionkreeps inviting disaster to all.

Monotheists, mongheathenists, prestoneageunitarycommiemong eunuchs and barren vessels, all servants of deathcultic blood spilling.