Friday, 27 April 2018

More porcelain shattering diamond shitters on the horizon....

One must be aware that the long term managed decline of the walled ballpond garden that is UKaboland never stopped when Thatcher got financed to get rid of UKaboscum 40 years ago. Bilderberg snappers and navvy coated weirdos who had actually dodged high velocity nitrate derivatives and witnessed the splattered remains of rikkitinfested tenamentvintage scum around them were so unSaatchi. They, real people, could never be remarketed into Bagdadkunstart.

If one were to wander into the pinkdildoed felinephlegministchatrooms of the rabidfascistas infesting the wetdreams of bankster created antifagolem, kind of goylike conzentrationslagerporn, today, then the exact same silence would be experienced as was manifest upon the infodesert during V2 communications to Tel London.

Do not inform anyone.

Now and again though a real beaut turns up.......

  • "...........negation of their entire proud history and ancestors‘ innumerable achievements by a worthless Affirmative Action negress.

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        F%$^ Off Abbotwat. My family and others like mine built this bloody country, mostly down stinking pits from when they were still children. My grandfather had to leave Blyth Grammer School at 14 (where he had won a scholarship) to work down the pit when his father died to help support the family. He was then in a mining disaster at 50 and never worked again due to spinal injuries.
        We also lost 2 men in the 2 WW leaving four fatherless children, assorted combat injuries and 3 POW.
        So piss off with ya Rastas built Britain.

        The only prive ledge here in UKaboland is the ass wiper to the crown or the imported crimefluidgenderkapo racist supremacists who think the UKabos are only here to wipe their arses. 

        Well isn't that what the Matrix Ovens' travel brochure said?

        Watch out for the Unit 700 shrapnel flying. It is going to look like a Liberace suicide bomb going off.

        Gonyersel Burly....