Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Go tell the Etruscans........Les Problèmes de la Baltique: Finland in the Eye of the Storm. Erkki Hautamäki’s...

Right on time Carolyn Yeager, side bar, parks something of fundamental use to your correspondent in the ongoing piecing together of the shuttering of humanity by inhabited carbon based closed systems from the stone age.

Les Problèmes de la Baltique: Finland in the Eye of the Storm. Erkki Hautamäki’s...:                                                                                             Finnish author Erkki Hautamäki was a co...

The thing that really freaked out the BabyLondonkreeps was the abilities of their engineered boycotted/rationed/excluded (truly closed) Schachtsystem to outsmart and outperform their carefully laid plans. And the uncanny abilities of free men with CocaCola and stetsons to not fall into the trap prepared for them in the Pacific.

Man, no wonder all the characters in UK spy novels are miserable in the 1950s!

Having spent a century lining up the three great threats to their ignorance for oblivion, the 3 all escaped in a more dangerous form.

However if you have all the time in the world then spending another 100 years getting the job kicked off again is de nada. USofA still owes their altar 50 millions dead after all, even if their Catherinewheels spiral kindersmoke up chimneys non stop.

Anyway over we go to the 21st century soviet equivalents.

Why would 1945 Dessau concepts still be operational?

It is a bit like asking why the Roman siege engines never improved and then disappeared.

The tragedy this time is that the Stetson wearers are all dead now and the currentcroppedcircusclowns are truly fools.

From out of a clear blue sky...........