Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Vampire light. OR. ON. IR. Pt One.

Having touched on the scope limiting remit of the MSMaltMSM symbiosis on several occasions it might be time to state the case quite clearly.

I am fed up listening to the altMSM hero and heroix, boom, boom, telling us all that the ausphart is the greatest thing since toasted cheese. No. It is another tool in the great plan which has no other use than dividing the survivors from the soon to be exterminated.

If the clowns that allowed the printing of bibles in the vernacular could, by the simple expedient of owning all the printing presses, foment and manage a successful controlled autocull of the faithless and faithfilled over an extended period of many centuries what do you think they are going to do with the ausphart then?

So best to ignore the altBOLLOX and get on with forensics. There is no shortage of evidence lying around dead after all. All one needs is certitude that your own storytelling is more valid than the vapid lifeless wankwordings of approved MSMbitchboys and fannybatterblather of certified altMSMboybitches shuvved in yer face by the religiowindows of the techntronic priests of bamboozletronhood.

Look at your patterns of behaviour. If you do the same thing every day on the altfart then you are at worship like a monk in his cell. Come and join the rest of us up on the sylite shores. No day is ever the same as you pick yourself off the sand again and climb another story, bruised but a little wiser each day…..BWAHAHAHAAAA.

What bestirs me is that nagging stone in my shew that I picked up whilst being enthralled by the fable of WW2. I bought it all, hook, line and sinker.

The one that really annoyed me was the Battle of the Bulge.

I don’t know about you but have you noticed that if you’ve been around a foul dump the one thing that hits you is the stench at the site and that stink others perceive at the sight of you where ever you are later?

So…now hang on here…if you are Skorzeny and Peiper would you pass the mile long fuel dump on the road to your target if you really were worried about fuel criticality to the mission? I mean you might be twirling sign posts in the rain disguised as Bob Hope and Ginger Rogers but this is the S&P show FFS! These guys do not operate behind the enemy lines. Where is the line? In the area where they cut their teeth there was no line. Just ask Meyer and Wünsche. These guys operate, full stop.

If one were MiHi would one remove Patton’s mobile comms team and send them SAS bound northwards during this off yer Hitlerscone escapade by mentalist Nasties, just to play loadedjazz music at the fuel starving panzerdudes Panamastylee? At this late stage we still have RCE/London City taking the piss out of RCE/New Yoik. Just to make it clear to any readers here from USofA corp that the original plan did not have USofA corp in Europe doing anything. USofA corp was to be bled white in a decades long war planned by RCE/LC in the far east. So USofA corp was very, oivery unwelcome in the Roth playpen. So you will be ejected soon.

One must also factor in the Rock OSS who must have gotten pissed off when Ike was getting his prostate probed by the Roth phukknun and still going native late 44/early 45. One wonders if the jerked redirection of US 3rd Army happened as Ike was pointing at the situation map and his ring got snapped shut all of a sudden.

I would moot that it at this point, as a 5 star got his movements finally cleared, that USofA corp got targeted for Nov 63 and Sep 01.

A clever stylite would put his forensics where his mouth is and predict the next one. Well the actual ceremonial date will be determined by our occult friends and their dark colander but we can say that the pschohistorics needs to implode the mark. So we are looking at one generation after Sep 01. After a minor external set back like the ChiComms taking out all the LCS in RCE/SG. USofA corp is not going to get a Pearl Harbour moment again. PH events happen to young turks not clapped out old hags. RCE/TA equipping with J20s not F35s. Malta going ChiComm. All these and others shall come to pass.

Anyway back to the funny events that have your correspondent scratching around, all CSIstylee, in the fake history as valid belief systems.

Decades after non accredited researchers went over the crime scenes and were ignored. Decades after the German and US docs tumbled free we get a soupçon of controlled release from Russia to write a prepared script spiced with predictive programming.

Remember that guerrillas are illegal combatants to be executed on sight. Pace Nguyễn Ngọc Loan.

Heads Up: It’s a Trap
"On Monday, September 28, with the U.S federal budget still presumably in play, the following world leaders will address the UN General Assembly:
  • Obama
  • Xi Jinping
  • Putin
  • Hollande
  • Rouhani
  • others
There are rumors that Hollande will propose a Palestinian state. What is not a rumor is the UN’s new Post-2015 Development Agenda. This is being referred to as Agenda 21 on steroids.

Why am I concerned that the UN Development Agenda will pop out of the Pope’s mouth on a wave of highly juicy entrainment and propaganda? Or that it will land nicely pre-engineereed into the federal budget? Or that all the hungry domestic and global constituents will press for passage so that their October checks will arrive without interruption?

I’ll tell you why: because I have seen this kind of “sneak attack” before."

Too many persons now understand that it is time to sharpen stakes in the game.  I wouldn't trust this lot to shit straight. Yet they will always be found creepzoiding around Ziod fairy tales and unreality holobubbles. Always. So how come no one ever really cares? How come no one can be bothered 2 take their game 3out?

It is a bit like the old Red Dwarf episode where the rank brown cabbage kebab crew start to degenerate anything they came into contact with.