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Addendum.70th anniversary of the Augustów Roundup Massacre - They simply vanished without a trace

  w+d+w knocks another one into the back of the net over at the TF farm.

"The Eichmann kidnapping by the Mossad in Argentina was was hoax. The subsequent trial in Jerusalem was another hoax. Hannah Arendt’s reporting on that trial for The New Yorker was just part of the propaganda machine, a smart part for the “smart set.” Some of the eye witness testimony was so preposterous and melodramatic that it’s a wonder Hannah Arendt kept a straight face through it. I suppose she had to to fulfil her task. Here are two short snippets of film from the trial to show the sort of vaudville that went on at the Eichman trial. 1. Nazis put mice in Jews’ trousers: 2. Ka-tzetnik 135633 (aka Yehiel Feiner, aka Yehiel Dinur, a notorious pornographer) gets a case of the “vapors” in the witness box: As if these “lie witness” performances aren’t ridiculous enough, learn about the Eichmann affair and the full extent of trick Israel played on the whole world (with the help of Hannah Arendt) here: If reading the “Eichmann/Mossad” PDF is too hard a task, you can watch a 1.5hr made for German TV documentary movie entitled “DISINFORMATION: the Wanted Historical Lie of Mossad” based on investigative journalist Gaby Weber’s exhaustively researched report: Claude Lanzmann is a highly paid Zionist propagandist. I’m not going to watch a new eight hour version of his boring cinematic sob story SHOAH. No siree Bob, I’ll be off rewriting Dante’s Inferno to include a new Ring of Hell where sinners are sent to listen to clammy handed Jewish “geniuses” like Claude Lanzmann and Hannah Arendt kvetch and whimper about their holy Holocaust forever.
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Noting the consistency with which the TFs operate there the RISC caveat is appropriate.

Anyway as will be noted from all conversations from salaried TFs no one ever lists the names and qualifications, before being sent to the work camps, of all those who perished there by surviving. No one seems interested in the names and qualifications of those who were smuggled into USofA corp R&D to work with their colleagues from the SS again, nor the names and qualifications of those established in the RCE pirate base at Tel Aviv on Vatican/London City ratlines.

No one seems interested in why the Auschwitz marchers got their orders to march and from whom?

I wonder why?

The Murder Army in Wonsan 1945.

70th anniversary of the Augustów Roundup Massacre - They simply vanished without a trace

It is the end of the beginning now. Just as no one cares what happened.

Great stuff from w+d+w over at the Turing Fail zooillogical gardens.

"Want to know where the Jews went? Read this forgotten book about East Europe in the lead up to WWII by Catholic activist Dorthy Day’s brother Donald Day, or tune and listen to it as an audio book:

On the same subject consult these other authors – Eric Koch DEEMED SUSPECT, Ruth Gay SAFE AMONG THE GERMANS, Idith Zertal FROM CATASTROPHE TO POWER, Bernard Pilitzer WALLACHIAN YEARS, James G. Macdonald REFUGEES AND RESCUE.
“The secret convoying of the Eastern Jews across Western Europe was revealed by a British general, Sir Frederick Morgan (to whose work in planning the invasion of Normandy General Eisenhower’s book pays tribute).

When the fighting ended General Morgan was lent by the British War Office to “UNRRA”, the offspring-body of the United Nations which was supposed to “relieve and rehabilitate” the sufferers from the war. General Morgan was put in charge of the most hapless of these (the “displaced persons”) and found that “UNRRA”, which cost the American and British taxpayer much money, was being used as an umbrella to cover the mass-movement of Jews from the eastern area to Palestine.

These people were not “displaced persons”. Their native countries had been “liberated” by the Red Armies and they were able to live in them, their welfare ensured by the special law against “Anti-semitism” which all these communized countries received from their Communist overlord. They had not been “driven from Germany”, where they had never lived. In fact, these were, once more, the Ostjuden, the Chazars, being driven by their Talmudic masters to a new land for a conspiratorial purpose.” -Douglas Reed
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·  make that read “parsing the confessions of captured Nazi concentration camp commandants.” And while your at it watch this documentary which proves Adolf Eichmann was never kidnapped by the Mossad in Argentina. When it comes to the Holocaust death cult we have all been sorely disinformed by it’s priesthood. The only lesson to be learned from it is compliance.
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HCW why don’t you get off the couch in front of your television and do some deep research? The U.S. Army Department of Psychological Warfare SHAEF colluded with The OSS R &A (Research and Analysis), Charles Dwork (OSS Jewish Desk), Steven Wise (American Jewish Committee), Hillel Kook (aka Peter Bergson, Irgun opertive), Gerhart Reignert (World Jewish Congress, Switzerland), Allen Dulles (OSS, Switerzland), Sir Bruce Lockhart PWE (Political Warfare Executive, London), Victor Rothschild SOE (Special Operations Executive, London) and the Polish Government in Exile in London to create the false news that Germans were mass murdering Jews in homicidal gas chambers during WWII. As the war wound down Victor Cavendish-Bentinik of the PWE (former British Ambassador to Poland) suggested to the head of British Intelligence that it was time to retire that story. Nobody who seriously studies the weaponized fraud that is the Holocaust legend concerns themselves anymore with parsing the confessions of captured Nazis. Ernst Zundel and his team settled these debates in a court of law in Toronto first in l985 and again in 1988. “Lie witness” Rudolf Verba (cousin of SOE agent Vera Atkins) and Raul Hilberg (widely considered the world’s pre-eminent Holocaust scholar) left feathers of the crow they were made to eat during their cross examinations scattered all over the floor of the witness box!
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Always very pleasant to read comments written by knowledgeable guys like you, who dares wings.
Minor misspellings in your comment: “Stephen Wise” instead of “Steven Wise”, and “Rudolf Vrba” instead of “Rudolf Verba”.
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After the liberation of Buchenwald Eugen Kogen was driven to the schloss that had once belonged to Balder von Sirach, the head of the Hitler Youth, by a team of U.S. Army SCHAEF psychological warfare soldiers where he wrote this turgid atrocity tale. Kogen writes:

“In order to dispel certain fears, and to show that this report [that is what he calls The Theory and Practice of Hell ] cannot be construed as an accusation against certain prisoners who held dominant positions, I read it aloud, at the beginning of the month of May 1945, as soon as it was down on paper, lacking only the last two chapters out of a total of twelve, to a group of fifteen people, who had been members of the clandestine government of the camp,[6] or who represented certain political alignments among the prisoners. These persons approved its accuracy and its objectivity.

 Present at the reading were:
Walter Bartel, Communist from Berlin, president of the international committee in the camp.
Heinz Baumeister, Social, from Dortmund, who for years had been a member of the Buchenwald Secretariat; second secretary of Block 50.
Ernst Busse, Communist, from Solingen, Kapo of the prisoners’ infirmary.
Boria Banilenko, head of Communist youth groups in the Ukraine, member of the Russian committee.
Hans Eiden, Communist, from Trier, first camp elder.
Baptiste Feflen, Communist, from Aix-la-Chapelle, washhouse Kapo.
Franz Hackel, Left independent, from Prague. One of our friends, without position in the camp.
Stephan Heymann, Communist, from Mannheim, member of camp information office.
Werner Hilpert, Centrist, from Leipzig, member of the international committee in the camp.
Otto Horn, Communist, from Vienna, member of the Austrian committee.
A. Kaltschin, Russian prisoner of war, member of the Russian committee.
Otto Kipp, Communist, from Dresden, assistant Kapo of the prisoners’ infirmary.
Ferdinand Romhild, Communist, from Frankfurt am Main, first secretary of the prisoners’ infirmary.
Ernst Thappe, Social, head of the German committee.
Walter Wolff, Communist, head of the camp information office.” (Page 20-21)

This statement, in itself, is enough to render suspect the entire testimony: “In order to dispel certain fears, and to show that this report cannot be construed as an accusation against certain prisoners who held dominant positions in the — camp… ” Here Eugen Kogon avoided reporting anything accusatory against the Haeftlingsfuehrung (inmate government); rather, he harbored grievances only against the SS. No historian could ever accept that. On the contrary, one is justified in thinking that in this way he has paid a debt to those who got him his privileged positions in the camp and that he has chosen to defend those with whom he had common interests, as well as himself, before the public.

The fifteen persons listed who passed judgment on his “accuracy and objectivity” are suspect. They are all Communists or fellow-travelers, and if, by chance, there was an exception, he could only be under obligation to the others. The list is made up of the highest functionaries of the Haeftlingsfuehrung of Buchenwald who, naturally, are likely to share Kogon’s point of view.

Such titles as “president” or “member” of this or that “committee” are meaningless because they awarded these titles to themselves at the time of the camp’s liberation and afterwards. Paying little attention to the notion of “committees” then, these fifteen persons were only too happy to find in Eugen Kogon an artful pen who freed them from responsibility for their actions in the eyes of posterity.

Kogen was purportedly a Christian Socialist and a propagandist on the U.S. Army SHAEF payroll. He was a witness at the trial of Ilsa Koch and had a long career after the war as a Holocaust lecturer and author of another book on the mechanics of the gas chambers
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