Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Rat lInes, Rat lInes, Rat Lines....

"Hijacked in Rome" and the history of Israel's "animut" nuclear program -- Secret History --

I have mentioned before that the Island of Vanuatu will welcome all to be stunned into ersatz belief and bamboozled on its nonsense technotronic shores' rave. Scrambling all cognitive frequencies in Gordian narratives of mental breakdown. All the ratlines prepared by creepzoids like pension money thief Robert Maxwell around the Med in the period 1942-45 never mentioned, ever. If they killed USofA through JFK for getting into their long matured rat lines in 1944-45 what makes you think that Vanuatu was not submerged below a globe of warming water long ago as he stepped out into the desert? How come you know about Vanuatu? Who allows you onto its ever so secret shores?

Questions never asked like the one being begged this morning on the BBC. Which ratline from the SEMTEX factory gave Libya the SEMTEX to give to the IRA to use the SEMTEX to blow up RCE/LC? Someone smells free money in frozen Libyan assets in RCE/LC; so it is bad Libya, good SEMTEX.

How come no one notices that the MSM/AMSM is several decades behind reality? Just as the numbers never proven but always stated ever and over again with assertion in the bamboozletron isolation chamber are being changed in the long prepared trap for those who would doubt. Once the long hidden train of truth, like amber in camera, is control released; how foolish you will look in denial for the Rovian context will make all your work disperse like imaginary ZyklotronB wisps.

Watch those morons not notice the change in tone as the trap connects with their necks courtesy of a Turing Fail.

Talking bullshit paid for by money monks and fiat monkeys is a familial skill best entrusted to those with proven DNA strategic alignment. One can see the odd messiahs of millenia ago still at work, well lazing around talking out their subscriptioned beatnick arses.

Is it not amazing how the funny money machine always entrust the engineering of nonsense to those who are genetically disposed to remain strategically aligned through inbreeding. That is why the rest of the world is poor, the poor would not suffer such arseholes for long if they had real money.

Some may turn everything they touch into skittles and gold, others...well it is just that they are so crap at doing anything. Incompetence; in everything they touch that turns to shhyte. Frauds and shyster inbred criminal cabals of sibling shaggers. They truly are empty and useless to humanity. A parasitic toxic clear and eternal danger if ever allowed to be in charge of anything other than running a cold water tap...and even then you wouldn't drink from it.