Friday, 18 September 2015

Bitchboy Alert: Britain's Spy Chief Wants More Powers To Fight ter...

War News Updates: Britain's Spy Chief Wants More Powers To Fight ter...: Reuters: UK spy chief calls for more powers to fight terrorism threat * UK spies need more powers over communications, MI5 chief * Sh...

You can be sure this androgyunuch will never sniff around a Roth property or RCE/LC where all the multigenerational crime family terrorists congregate and plan and finance terror events decades ahead.

Right now they are signing off attrocities you've never dreamed off for the decades after 2020. That is what they do. They planned the financing of all the killing in the decades 1910-1950 in the late 1800s!!

If ever UK subjects were to even give a hint of protesting they'd get killed in the street or subject to a 7/7 stadium or 9/11 shopping mall disaster crewed by bad speciall fuerzes especiales crisis actors in camo.

Silencing unwanted serfs with tanks on the street and dead civilians are an old UK tradition.

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