Saturday, 5 September 2015

Undead their dread remembrance to come in the HW.

One can spot the hidden hand preparing the decayed fallow fields decades in advance through simple self applied hysterical counter measures on the goose feeds forced upon, starving unwilling frequenters to the news vomitoria, malnourished subjects of media abuse.

All the rubbish is so obvious now.

How come Jimmy Savile never wanted for money, awards, royal attention, papal indulgence, Jubilees, a warm bed, a comfy meal and a roof over his head. Because he was paid by the BBC to fuck still warm corpses up the shitchute. Corpses of UK persons who payed their license fee, or children there of, to governors, controllers and directors of Goebbels’s Gobshite Towers. Notice the duality of the language here. The similarly Talmudic administered Soviet gulags had G, C & D as well. So can we deduce that the BBC must have a CHEKA installed, by inference? If you didn’t pay your license fee the Keystone Cops would beat the shit out of you rather than lift the perps, who were killing and abusing children, in the government. All facilitated by the state run child slaving network known as social services in this greenstained peasant land. Remember past behaviour is a sure indicator of future performance. Human resource hand book 101. BWAHAHAAA.

What has the Obumbalumba vomitstain piece prize dissembler, the made up dolly nameskin, the Mao-Mao Maoist exBataviadenizen failed hybreed arsatzMusilfauxman partMongrel/partneredNull malmotmorphing bitchboyeunuch, to say on any of this black money micro financed and engineered history from the soon to be hyperlittoral trench lines. Where was little Timmy ladyboybitch Geithner now? What will the andropetridishes of toxic culture in the 2016 pestilential race to the shite house have to say when F35s/LCSs/C17s and assorted fuerzes especiales get vaped?

De nada. It is all in the business plan.

One has to ask of all these soap bubble characters, “Just what the phukk is your real handle yookhaant?”

“In the course of little more than five months from late 1965 to early 1966, anti-communist Indonesians killed about half a million of their fellow citizens. Nearly all the victims were associated with Indonesia's Left, especially with the Communist Party (PKI) that had risen to unprecedented national prominence under President Sukarno's Guided Democracy. The massacres were presided over and often coordinated or carried out by anti-communist sections of the Indonesian army, but they also engaged wider elements of Indonesian society - both people who had reason to fear communist power and people who wanted to establish clear anti-communist credentials in troubled times.
The killings followed a coup which took place in Jakarta on the morning of 1 October 1965 in which six senior army generals were killed and a revolutionary council was formed, seizing power from Sukarno. For the whole of the New Order period, Indonesian authorities portrayed these events as a communist grab for power, which was to be followed by the wholesale slaughter of their opponents. Sceptics, by contrast, doubted the PKI's involvement and even wondered whether the coup might have been a 'black' operation by conservative forces, intended to compromise the Party. Recent research, especially by John Roosa, who writes for this issue, has shown that the PKI leadership was closely involved in the coup, but that the aims of the operation were far more limited than a seizure of power.”

“The Jakarta-based Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence said local people had reported killings in a second village. Munir, a Commission spokesman, said the area was under tight military control, hampering efforts to contact witnesses or examine the scene. “The military are trying to hunt [rebel] leaders in the area,” he said.
The killings are part of an emerging pattern. According to a statement issued by 17 non-government organisations, the Habibie regime and the Indonesian military have launched a “state of terror” in Aceh. They said that military sweeps of areas dominated by secessionist supporters had forced up to 120,000 people to flee their homes and seek shelter in camps along the northern coast. Troops were running amok through villages, stealing animals, burning houses and sometimes raping women. Displaced people were often living in poor conditions, with food and medicines in short supply. Children were dying from malnutrition and lack of medical care.”
How to put refugee flows into perspective is to measure the key stoned coppery of western phukkwittery as leadership.

The constant theme that the Apiru Cru are paid to repeat over and over again like a terminal escapade in escaped experimental groundhog day is the extinction of memory. That is why the hyperlittoral war will be unleashed. There is too much evidence in there that will kill off the fairy tail of mongyahweh’s devil detales.

The Krauts really got it because they noticed the history in the ground. Yaheathen needs human amnesia. I am who I am. Turing Fail.

Now I know you are not going to get this but imagine the plague that decimated Europe and brought serfdom to an end was simply collateral damage in a bigger operation to take out the replacement aboriginals in the Amerikas. No? Well where did all the gold go then?

Imagine that. No one remembers anything, not even from a few decades ago. So how is the present to be understood by the spongiformed herd in anything other than Rovian scribblers’ and dementia dribblers’ droolings?

A whole ghostly chimerical civilisation of amnesiacs is the cabal global unity, again.

Well I remember more and more every time they open their RCE/TA digital mouths, so kiss the CGU goodbye jaffa.