Tuesday, 1 September 2015

That's the rub, Nikola.

Very, very soon, on license, warrant and patent from the EUCOMINTERN degenerate throne, the arsatznationalists will get to play with their 10% in your faces, right on in pubic, having been groomed for decades in secret by Rothphukknuns in the arts of self stimulation and quiet quantitative queef easing.

  1. Deliberate and approve the local plan for the development of the national economy and the report on its implementation;
  2. Deliberate and approve the local budget and the report on its implementation;
  3. Adopt measures to observe State laws in the area concerned;
  4. Elect or recall the Chairman, Vice-Chairmen, Secretary and members of the People’s Committee at the corresponding level;
  5. Elect or recall the Judges and People’s Assessors of the Court at the corresponding level; and
  6. Rescind unwarranted decisions and directives of the People’s Committee at the corresponding level and the People’s Assemblies and People’s Committees at lower levels.
Now I don’t know how long it will take benefits street zentralisation bitchboys and government scrounging foundation boybitches to reduce the remaining bloatedabos, obeseterile court parasites and lardedtroglodykes to a road side unmarked grave but we can be sure that the glory days of Scots persons of action and independence are long, long gone down the stank.

I cannot wait for the Tron Gate traffic cops in stealth burkhas to start plying their trade.

Don’t dare look at them or the Big Pluke EUNat drones will take you down and install a robo guardian to serve your dependents into slakedom for an unknowable and unnameable RothBossbitch. SCUM!!

SNP election posters through the post war period.

SNP Election posters 2010 and 2015.

Change you can made to dream of. 

If you don’t you’ll be getting phukkedovergood.