Thursday, 30 April 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 8.

What is it about gold that is so special? I have noted on many occasions out here that there is a likely hidden reason behind the universal value assigned to gold, perhaps spiritual. Certainly your correspondent is more than aware of the special behaviouristic of certain metals when human existence is considered. Potassium, Iron and of course Gelt. Just as the truly useful crystals need seeding with metallic ions to give them true value, the purest diamond is worth nothing. As far as monetary value is concerned the only “value” in gold is in logistics and fable. When considering the materials to be used in their reconstruction of unified command gold can only be of value when considered in the longevity of logistics. I.e. it is the only material that could sensibly be used over the millennia that would be needed to reconstruct the lost system. If you get the fable part of the system correct, i.e. commerce, then turd could be used in logistics since it is only the fable that can transfer value to the material. However turds are easily forged, too common and crucially have a very limited commercial part life. The material of choice needed a commercial part life massively longer than even the most pessimistic projections of system restore. An example of dither in the fable is the value differential of silver and gold between east and west. An artificial fable used to induce commerce. When it comes to the point of full system restart the gold will be just as valueless in commerce as any other false god. It will have performed its function. Game over.

Real value, real wealth can only come out of the human imagination. That most dangerous and fragile of commodities. One thing it shares with gold is an infinite commercial part life. In fact they are both entangled in time. One can never destroy the invention that overwhelms the fable.

In 1944, R V Jones tools into London to find that, before dissection, a V-primitive has taken out an IR searchlight liberated by the tardy Army in Normandy. A top secret, Area 51-WW2stylee gegen device, which had been shipped over from the deliberately stalled front line, and delivered for his examination.

Now this is the kind of probability matrix that really takes one into Jung and non trivial remote influencing. How does a top secret ballistic meet a top secret emitter as a top secret scientist within the most watched secret city on Earth is going to secretly examine it? Oohh woo woo. I love the old expression that 9 out of 10, million to one chances, come off.

Other things about the V2 intrigue.

Unlike the SOE and UK commando raids, the real betrayal work was carried out in expensive restaurants in Switzerland by Dulles without a shot from the Pharmacy, onto the Iron Coast, the real boys own, affecting the outcome of the war, decisive for victory, heroic deeds lie far away from any Fleming/MacLean/Forsyth type fiction like “Where Eagles Guns of Telemark Dare at Navarone” didn’t happen, ever.

The Soviet equivalents of ALSOS teams, and Gladio, were working hard to ID the secrets and get their hands on them. Which fucked wit in the SS decided to put the V2 trials/training units into Blizna, love that name, talk about synchronicity? It is a bit like putting your SDI work at Saray Shagan FFS! Or having a shit load of time servers running out of Singapore.

Anyway lets us stay back in the 1940s and work backwards in time.

All of the meaningful tech sites and a great deal of the humanware, unlike von Braun most did not have Kempeitai or SS handlers safeguarding their pick for Hollywood hadrons. Indeed the Imperial storm troopers really were left out of the loop by the looks of things as their leader got the chop, and silenced, after the Princes of the apocalypse dragged him into the gold malarkey.

From Rügen to Matua the Soviet ALSOS teams got the lot. Now don’t be giving me all the bollox about hard fighting and difficulties of launching an invasion onto the beach at Cannes. In a war of manoeuvre the enemy had no fuel, ever. So, forgetting Rock blackmail over the fuel supply to US/UK forces for a minute, there is if I am not mistaken, the mark of an over arching mission to be completed by the Murder Army, the only one situated to do so, a mission assigned before 1940. Churchill took US forces into the Med for a time wasting action whilst it looked a bit ticklish for Stalin in 1942/43. Also in 1942/43 the tech was not ready for pick up.

So let us list what functioning technology the Murder Army picked up in 1945. I.e. what the British, who after all started the whole high velocity delivery from the Bahamian Pharmacy in the first place, did NOT get.

They got everything to do with Uranium/Plutonium/Mercury.
They got everything to do with Thorium/Space
They got everything to do with Biological warfare
They got everything to do with Time reversal

Ouch thinks you that is a pretty little bundle and did they really get it ALL? And the British NOTHING?

Well all of that was under outsourced/offshored and dual use plausible Rovian deniability, corporate contract to USofA corp. based creepzoids of the Ba’al Hammon baby burners in RCE/NY through their money creators and exchangers in BIS. Some did escape, sort of.

What that means is that all the women who had their wombs removed, vivisection stylee, all the poor slobs that had their brains exposed in decompression tanks, vivisection stylee, hyperbaric, hypothermic, amputation by freezing, all the guys and gals slaved to death in constricting tunnels and underground bases, Halliburton US prison complex stylee, all the sarin and plague victims, vivisectionstylee, human experimentation styleee, all those millions were on contract to New York and London since 1919.

And then the whole crime scene was hermetically sealed escrotstylee for decades in the Comic Strip called a Cold War.

The MAD was simply a subsection of the SIOP hyperbarbarity of mission commerce.

Now I know we are going to go further back in time as this bollox progresses but just to prove that this is an ongoing programme here is one of my favourite US defence secretaries in action

“Important recent Soviet activities in strategic defenses include:
- Upgrading and expansion of the world's only operational Anti-Ballistic Missile(ABM) system around Moscow;
- Construction of the Krasnoyarsk ballistic missile detection and tracking radar that violates the 1972 ABM Treaty;
- Extensive research into advanced technologies for defense against ballistic missiles including laser weapons, particle beam weapons, and kinetic energy weapons;
- Maintenance of the world's only operational antisatellite (ASAT) system;
- Modernization of their strategic air defense forces; and
- Improvements in their passive defenses by maintaining deep bunkers and blast shelters for key personnel, and enhancing the survivability of some offensive systems through mobility and hardening.
The following pages examine in detail Soviet programs in defenses against ballistic missiles, air defense, and passive defense. A summary of key Soviet offensive force developments is presented in the annex to this document, since those are critical to an understanding of the impact of Soviet strategic defense programs. Soviet offensive forces are designed to be able to limit severely U.S. and allied capability to retaliate against attack. Soviet defensive systems in turn are designed to prevent those retaliatory forces which did survive an attack from destroying Soviet targets. “

Now that is all early 1940s technology/concepts Caspar is going on about and as we all know the “enemy” was taken down by Ba’al Hammon’s agents in New York/RCE and their placemen/women in the Moscow Circus.

It is to these similar agents in Berlin 1940-45 that we can look for a repeatable pattern all the way back to Jericho.

However before that I’m going to have more fun talking about Vampire lighting and high velocity Pharmacy for the next few outings.