Monday, 20 April 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 2.

Why should I need to be made aware now of how dangerous the crowd is?

Anyway since cyberpunk has been completely atomised and shattered by British dwarf creatives and served up in a regal soupcon of hyper viscous merde. UKplc, lover of its steam punk, should more accurately be described as a piratical steam driven banana kingdom dyspeptic. An ignorant serfdom republic in decline towards dark fallen megalithic.

So in a blackened arbeit sceptic isle, macht rationed of basics, an unfree plotter’s enclave forever seeking to steal the luxury of others, one is not supposed to notice what is happening outside the camp’s barbed wire, guard dogs, electric fences and searchlights. One is not supposed to notice that the Roth firebase at Tel Aviv is behaving like a good sonderkommando und einsatzgruppe proxy kapo led psychopathic and psychotic Turing fail. Why?

I mean right at this moment the brain dead zombiecreepzoids that occupy the UK media, parliament and prison as profit agencies are soiling their frillies that London has bred some international war criminals, again. Why? Why now? What do you think London is for but to send home grown terrorists into the middle east? That is what London did in the 1940s.

Why no clamour in 1945 when the logistics for nakba were plotted? Why not in 1915? Why not in the mid 19th century? Whenever there is a clamp down under war conditions in UKplc, the London  circus dispatches terrorists throughout the world. I wonder if the Isle was marked a transatlantic terror gateway 2000 years ago? That would explain the genocide practiced on the natives of Hibernia ever since.

What is it about this amnesiac isle that afflicts the population so to be?

In the unlikely event that once again a deliberate turning of the area into fallow fields is about to occur we have to ask why should so many of us be allowed to get our hands on so much information about what has been done, to general plan, over the past 5000 years?

Did it suddenly become necessary to unite humanity despite the evidence that there is no need to do so? Heterogeneity is no barrier to universal happiness. The one and only global detriment to humanity’s peace and wealth is the murder and theft engine disguised as Môn heathenism. Communism. Christianity. Islam. Whatever is peddled out of Moses. Any ism and group think.

Fronted by all these sky pilot mafia run ponzi schemes is the full spectrum weapon system known as trade. Otherwise known as itinerant token peddling tasked with theft of all and recycling of survivors as slaves. A self fulfilling, self incanting mission, the current temporary manifestation of which is wealth of the few. Here one can finally see the disguised basis for all the academic rubbish peddled as finance, business and economic theory. Economic theory can only work through death and it is here that one can see the imperative of being the earliest adopter and the need for systemic toxicity and death for the later adopters.

Why should one find the answers that one needs by looking at the obvious fallacies paraded within the worlds most advanced society?

The steam driven retarded inhabited poisonous fabrication known as London is too stupid to maintain itself and has been left, at last, to wither on the vine. It is here that at last the concept of the chosen few will be exposed. Who chose the motley crew that were lead into the wilderness? Why are they no longer needed? I mean even 6000 years is but the blink of an eye in this business plan.

Simply think of Yahweh as a particularly obnoxious and mental, temporary call centre manager whose idea of team motivation and cohesion is the unstinting use of heavy machine godfire, randomly, within office spaces, stair wells and lifts. Divine terror.

If it is no longer needed, then its remaining surviving members, mutated into undeadeviloiddwaflingshadows of humanity, after millennia of epigenetic and unnatural selections are going to get euthanized.

I do not think that it takes a genius to work out that the business directors would not spend a pico second in Yahweh’s social company so what makes the chosen few veiled eviloid adherents of Môn heathenism think that they are not going to be SWOTed from history now that the  steam driven stone aged product line is obsolete?