Friday, 17 April 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 1.

As I have mentioned before I believe that someone got to Gibson. He went onto the futurivirologist circuit and then got approached. Or viceversavice. Whether it was like Barry, in the campus refectory queue or in a Vanc. death boudoir, we will never know. Either way he got taken of the forbidden fruit stochastic cleaners. No one has dared bring the spiritual, alien and AI together since. I wonder what he dipped into before its publish/reveal by date?

So what else doesn’t make sense?

Well as I mentioned on the last outing Morrison had a V2 nightmare and we caught a glimpse of it in The War Game. He was told to expect a high velocity delivery of Cobalt all over the Home Counties.

What do I mean by that?

Well the ignorant lowing herd that is UKplc got a glimpse of what their Kommissars and CHEKA/ Gauleiters and STASI had in store for them should the circus be threatened. In order to stop their groves getting nucleotided the cults worked night and day to keep their magic gardens safe. How else does one explain the complete phukkwittery of non delivery of glowing concoctions by the German ballistic pharmacy? Things only started to get organised once Himmler’s lads got going. Now don’t be fooled by the miracles that Speer worked. He only straightened out the productivity of existing plant despite the likes of Messerschmitt et al screwing, F35styleee, tactical aircraft development.

In the UK, a state that executed truth seekers/ sooth seers and imprisoned witches during the Atomic Age, the primitive nature of its foundations in the Stone Age were scarily glimpsed by UK audiences in 1965.

So twenty years after the soiling of underwear in government the UK found out how they were to be herded into cattle trucks and shot in the streets by their fellow subjects. A good idea of how that would have looked is any footage of Bloody Sunday.

It is clear that there is a phase delay in events and unveiling, if at all, and a kind of historical superluminal explosion of happenings. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the whole thing goes tits up. History goes exothermic and breaks into action. Mythical scalar interference. Stealth engendering of events as if by an act of Id. Heterodyning of experience.

Now I know you are thinking…”Bollox!”

Well let us just throw a spanner in the works of truth.

The whole Atomic Age had nothing to do with physicists.

“Oh fuck” I hear you groan…”he’s gone off his scone again!”

Well what do you think of when you hear the word Atomic Bomb? Oppenheimer, Einstein, Heisenberg, Fermi, Bohr et al. A collection of phuckwitz.

Let me explain.

Overrated Punch and Judies like Einstein needed a girl to help him with the math whilst getting a great review in his performance for the media. Real complex sophisticated scientists would look at these, over resourced, over rated, over paid movie stars as retards or idiot savants at best.

The Atomic Bomb had nothing to do with physicists; it is the creation of chemists and Pythagoreans.

Chemists and engineers created the bombs. Most physicists couldn’t ride a bike without a Hollywood supporting cast.

Now if you read that correctly you will realise that almost all public expressions of the kind of Star Trekian scientific role model we get fed into our fictuality about high energy physics is in support of scientific treading of water down a cul de sac. One doesn’t need to be aware of self organising plasmas, nor does a self organising plasma need to be aware of one, to work out that Gibson was straying too far away from the microscopic for comfort.

Hey ho, just have patience, more laters.