Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 4.

So what or which of the troubling exceptions am I reporting upon today? Where upon my own private topology am I stood? Why are we on the far right/left of the Gaussian distribution today? What glaring omission in my populated Bose/Einstein troubles the completed albedo of my one sheet of A4?

Well tank design for one.

Oh….. and the whole Mercury/Gold/Uranium axis.

Anyway what is it with the agricultural tractors that bugs me?

Salisbury Plain and Khalkhyn Gol  that’s what. Despite the usual bollox about German Panzer armies and Guderian we have to scratch our heads about the deliberate dullardy displayed by the British and Soviets when it came to tank use during what was supposed to be the first real mechanised war in history.

Put mildly the Germans were Johnny come late lies to the theory and practice.

A full 10 years before the Blitzkrieg , again the realisation that being encircled is merely a psychological condition as per Orthodoxy/KGB mentioned last outing, UKplc had it all sorted. 3 man turrets, radio net, USofA and radio crystal rationing note here, and the rest is history.

Now what did the USSR bring to the party? Massive production capacity, USofA corp. lavish financing/technology hand over, note here.

What did the UKplc lack? Productive capacity. What did the USSR lack? Radio net. The UKplc essentially left the tank business ever since 1930 and the USSR is now firmly associated with Shock/Guards tank armies or Operational Manoeuvre Groups as they became after 1945 when the Red Murder Army rolled into Manchuria again to display the only ever display of a fully fledged combined arms strategic use of fully mechanised operations. Ever.

So what were tanks really for in the 1930s? No army ever used them or could use them as weapons against armies other than the Germans after 1940. The Soviets used them as a weapon against armies and then went all Zhukovamnaesiac on us. What were the banksters tooling up the Red Murder Army for? Well….. Murder of course.

Murder of non combatants. Civilian murder. Of course this would not be a “war crime” since the banksters do not recognise anything as criminal other than opposition to them.

We will come back to this later, so let us have a quick swaatch at the metals now.

Whenever one reads about the goings on of ALSOS teams, free agent tech teams (SAS/Royal Marines/SBS comes to mind here), SOE, OSS and their Soviet equivalents, there is always confusion over what was real and what was legend and what was made up.

Do you think that all the books/literature published as fact/fiction/faction/fict/hallucincantation since 1945 were published with any other objective than to hide the actual motivations, changing allegiances and actual events in an avalanche of verbiage? An overwhelming tsunami of speculation, halfunthruth and semi-lie, outright fabrication dressed as might be true and utter drivel for the incredulous gullible.

So bearing in mind what I remarked about the thickness of Hollywood physicists we come to the next bankster financed murder weapon.

Whenever one reads about the high adventures to be had tracking down hidden gold after WW2 or the secret dedicated teams attempting to thwart the eviloid Germans and their plots to nuke everyone to kingdom come the following little relationship should be used to illuminate the real story line.


We will elaborate a little further, in fact extensively, on that little one liner later. Suffice to say that the true relationship between science and the bomb is once again through chemistry. Just as one does not store/transport Sodium in water. One does not store/transport Phosphorous in air. One does not store/transport Uranium in Lead.

With that in mind I just want to summaries the bollox to come out here in future function.

Tanks were to be used by the Soviets, on behalf of the banksters, to allow the massacre of tens of millions of civilians. Those civilians being our grand parents oh European muppets. Tanks were used by the Germans to attack other armies.

A-Bombs were to be used on behalf of banksters to carry out the work of tanks and executioners in one combined system. Murdering hundreds of millions of civilians. The Germans never used them against civilians and neither did the Japanese.

The questions to be asked are; who was the ultimate corporate to whom/which all the contracts lead and how were they to get their exclusive hands on the bomb solely?