Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The WHITE LIVES DO NOT MATTER UKuntstrucKonstruct and The Queen wore a pale iGREEN poltergeist vest.

White Lives Do Not Matter ever, neither in the past, the future nor now to the Au bereft, slothdulledsleekit and sanguinary HMG


UKakos and UKabos are as ready use ammunition, expendable as far as HMG’s sold out Rothbotbitchboys and Rockuntboybitches are concerned, and UKabos cost nothing to consume. 

Wouldn’t want the fine wine, honey roast ladyboy and child sacrifice budget being eaten into for ammo, would we?

When you’ve got a Kenyan Indonesian CIA breeding programmed asset, a Donmeh Turk, a Manchurian railway Bitchboy, a Soros candidate Boybitch and the petri dished metastasis of the Big Ben Roth zoological garden cross/inbred hive minded mutant Lamarkian selection programme for fukkwittery, all trying to get you to vote for your own demise then you’d better wake up pronto UKabos and UKakos.

The, soon to be swapped out for newly imported IP

colour compliant UN iGREEN replacement killers, current crop of foundation bitchboys, boybitches, androgynimplants and sterile temple whores are just like the previous generations of money loving scum.

They fukkin’ hate ordinary UK aboriginals.

Which bit of that don’t you get after 2000 years of iYahweh fukkwitz taking the piss out of you, killing you on your own door step or shipping you off overseas to get machine gunned to death?

They were never going to lift a finger if their missiles started to land were they?

So what makes you think you will not be responsible for the biggest racist war on the planet because you never once delivered the unearthly collection of po-faced creepzoids to their master?