Friday, 1 April 2016

Now then now then now then, boys and girls…..

….wondering why you’ve suddenly been given a choice of in or out of Europe?

Either you want to stay in the EU and get swamped by bombed out criminal networks and WMD crime families disguised as refugees.

Or you get out of the EU and hand over your body parts to crime families and criminal networks in North America.

Either way you are going to be poorer and poorer with every passing year and you will be pathwayed out of your own land as NATO spreads peace corpses, innocence morgue pieces and democrazy everywhere.

To the criminals outside the country the UKplc is known as Perverts' Treasure Island and Terrorist Breeding Centre. 

To the inmate voters trapped within the, no trespassing, shoreline it is £land austere open gulag.