Wednesday, 6 April 2016

More Apiru Cru Du Clu

If you’ve wandered round the block once or twice then there are a few things that one can form an opinion upon whilst awaiting further evidence to modify, reinforce or dilute, one’s thesis.

It has been the opinion of this blogger that the 9/11 pantechnikon was not an inside job. It was many ops running from trivial to strategic that got fucked over by a major bitchbeating. Although the RCE/TA pirate base was knee deep, in the crime as business model, as per usual, that is what Apiru du, they were not the final perps. Let it be made quite clear Apiru do not and cannot make strategic decisions. If the UK government was going to blast its London subjects to fukk by massive neutron flux in the 1960s then what makes you think that the Rock geezers would not try a maasseeev Orson and Havana, Wizard of Ozstylee, false false flag on USofA corp without realising it was getting taken mega live?

USofA corp. has now entered that state of paralysis into which the Chinese empire was similarity induced 600 years ago. A stunting of potential through ablation and slow dissolution by magic.

Anyway until further evidence comes to hand the 9/11 WTC 1&2 operation got taken over by RCE/LC deep Ba’al agents using isomer selecting, entropy gate out, fusion field reversal. Dial out scalar nukes to you and me. NY was, and I use the term ironically, a Dieppestylee pinch raid in reverse, delivered into that part of the overall 9/11 plan to signal at the highest strategic level to the Herd Attention Space. A nam shub. A side effect of the tech used in RCE/NY will mean the site is “haunted” for ever.

The obverse of this case is when one cannot have one’s thesis changed no matter how much evidence turns up because the whole thing is a dithering shimmering falsity from the start unknown to all actors as a fundamental reality. I mean of course the utter waste of self fulfilling bollox surrounding the Protocols.  I have read many cases for and against and not one has realised that they actually have in their hands one of the original sets of instructions on how humans work. A Yahweh service manual. It would be like having one of the emerald tablets of Thoth in your hands, that is how phukking mental it is. And no one realises it!!

However now and again a really good summation of the whole shebang heaves into view which is worth the time. So take it away Banjo Billy.

Machiavelli is a wet behind the ears new comer to this stuff.

You will notice that the internal logic of the minddizzyingdrizzlings above mean that Apiru report to Yahweh, ergo Yahweh did the twin towers on 9/11.