Saturday, 9 April 2016


The whole world is being united into one massive swirling vortex of nonsense. There is no reality if everyone has been to stage school, your neighbour is a, between jobs, crisis actor, reality TV has taken over your neighbourhood and failure is success enabled through undying mediocrity. Everyone is going round and around and around until there is no end, no beginning, no start, no stop-just infinite sameness. All is dynamically halted. No progress all captured. That is the Rovian magic at work. We have entered engineered whirling amnesia. Logan’s Run without the bodies to dispose of, yet.

Time in the general human development front has stopped. How else do you explain 80 years of money publishing as selecting for ignorance?

Now for the technical bolloxpoints.

If you’ve read here you will know that in the past I have referred to high frequency trading as time stealing. It is not the front running by nano seconds that give goldmanbuttsucks the advantage in their black magic boxes; it is the engineering of time locally on the micron scale that is the big secret. All their time stamps are dithered. Don’t get me wrong, they are real; however they exist in two or more different frames.

The isolated data points for this are scattered throughout recent popular culture.

First is the theremin. Just as tarot may be viewed as the degenerate remains of a higher appreciation of population dynamics so I view the theremin as a degenerate industrial control system for a remote system process. The process envisaged being lethal to human proximity.

Second we have the radiophonic workshop at the GGT. No, the sound invented there is not a sampling of high speed BBC DJs buggering the corpses of children. The sound I have in mind if the one attributed to a central European refugee and sounds like DC and AC hitting hard.

Third we have the macro unified field theory engineered, exemplified by the work of Kron on large electrical systems.

Fourth we have the ideas of time consumption as energy on a solar scale elucidated by Kozyrev, amongst others.

Fifth we have the artificial satellite.

Let us limit ourselves to these five for the moment. Conjugate phasing, Adler, Richter et al can wait for another day.

It really all started with the Wells shine job. Just to test the waters as to how much bollox they could get away with before they threw the switch. The plan was to be Blairite never ending war for the richest place on the planet. Blair had to modify the thesis when things went very wrong for the retardocreeps and it eventually appeared to us as 1984.

So let us look forward to how they viewed the successful plan and measure it against our present reality.


1 USofA was going to bleed white over half a century in the Far East and then a one Americas economic unit established.
2. USSR was going to ruin Europe in 2 years and remove Europe from existence.
3. The force majeure establishment of a Roth firebase in Palestine at last. WMD, developed within Germany, were to arm the newly established Roth firebase and used through the agency of the British Empire.
4. Establishment of a one Asia unit under Chinese mandate.


1.USofA is now bankrupted and set for civil war financed from an external credit source with real gold.
2.USSR has mutated into a highly developed part of Europe within a devastated Europe.
3. Roth firebase is now established and can use all the WMD within the firebase as well as those without the firebase. It may not look like it but Homer Lea forgot about miscegenation.
4. RoChinks are off plan but that is what happens when you lose control of WMD for 80 years.

In case you think I forgot about India, which bit of East India company don’t you get about Tata and UK?

Now I know that you think that such simple minded buffoonery is to be scoffed at. However I would remind you that we are looking at things from the metacreepzoid level. You know the level of the boss of the boss of the boss of the RockRothbosses. At that rarefied level time does not exist, only existence. For the guys at the singing table surrounded by the bodies of instant K rush DMT stiffs, time is to be played with and we are the string theory marionerzattes.

Although we may think that time is going forward, existence is going back to where the geezers at the table want it.

So, next, let us look at real-time time-fucking, as I think we might agree upon a time.