Thursday, 6 August 2015

You will not understand any of this shit.....

....until you've met a mealy mothed balled Scotch naked pubic servant. Like a jealous purple postie who wants to redistribute away nothing.

Mind you the men in kilts are not as creepy as the Londaviv letter shufflers who spy on everyone and do not stand and deliver their chosen thieves.

Enjoy this shit and note the roll played by our two missing role players.

The conjoinedTurkommieCHEKA bitchboys Brown and Darling and the sheep dipped garlic swilling boybitch who wants to transfer money laundering to down town Bitching like her Spanish Genoan dolly La Senorita Lib Dem suicide bombing fuckedwitch.

How come no one ever mentions their mentors?

How come the two boybitches are ChiComm bitchboys?

H/T to the Popelike bitch.