Thursday, 20 August 2015

Shared Ownership Soviet Cells. UK Bankenda 21.

All one hears in the Smoke these days is that London is building a cycle superhighway. Whoopeefukkingdooo!! Everyone asks how come Germans didn’t do anything to stop the Nastiness. Well how come UKplc live stock do nothing to stop their land being used as an international terrorist breeding camp and launch site for global terror though weapons of mass destruction in August 2015? How come UKplc eunuch drones do nothing but lie around lying?

Beijing shot its cycles and gave the parolees cars instead. UKplc will shoot its cyclists and make us all parolees in the great big open prison called Farm 1.

I repeat; this UK built shit house is the most advanced society on Earth. We shot our horses in the 30s because we knew the next war was to be manipulated by fuel supplies.

So in future, once the recent controlled furore about state sanctioned corpse fucking, child killing and rape in UK social care systems has disappeared up Savile's arse, as you try to escape from a drug induced rape state in a RCE/LC sacrifice pit there will be only two ways to effect exit. Shanks’ pony or a bike. The easier to take you down by corporate drone security and keep the secret quiet as you are taken to a Silver Town chop shop for export in parts. All covered by blanket commercial confidentiality on behalf of the state benefit scrounging banksters. Benefit counterfeit street is in RCE/LC.

Did you check your ISO rated foodstuffs for human remains UKplc before the great big beef burger donkey meat crisis? Did you care? Total quality confessional commie care for the soylent iFart generation of swiss cheesed brain dead zombie crowd funded beasts.

Look at Kharkov after the SS1 lads rolled through in ’43. Look at it. That is going to be paradise compared to what the scum are to be allowed to experience in UKplc. Touch points are only for state actors and you are the touched, soon to be dead.

Let me summarise it for you oh penniless BBC turdball watchers and concentration camp soap star staring arrays.

No fresh water. No good food. No free air. No nature. No one and no thing free. All taxed to death. No home of your own in the Trotskyite/Maoist shit hole run by the Communists in Banksterstan; Rothschild Corporate Enmity/London City.

UKplc is nothing but the largest successful experiment in rationing ever. Look. Everyone who is a UKabo is penniless. Only the criminal imports get to play with the toys and rape your children.

If one also takes care to listen to the Big Muppet adverts for things in UKplc you will not own anything. Listen carefully. During the UKplc 2015 election campaign Cameroon couldn’t quite hide the fact that, unlike the Thatcherite cry to house ownership, he was offering a shipping container for rent as something to aspire to “own”. Listen to the UK banks talking about their mortgages. These same scum who manipulated LIBOR. You are promised a Miss Marplesque 30’s idle ideal, the deal is a way of leaving you penniless in a Dickensian King’s Cross ash heap circa 1830.

They are not going to help you “own” anything. They’ve been told at Bilderfarter to make sure no one owns anything in the Trotskyist/Maoist shit holes where humans are free game.

There is a great case to be made that you are conspirator and/or party to a rolling programme of crimes against humanity since you are content to feed from offal dropped from the murderers’ butcher block. Go on then when was the last time you rebelled against being herded into cattle pens for fleecing? Never. You do it every day of the week or by proxy through your subscribed (rented) hole in the sky.

UKPlc; you asked for this and do nothing about it.

This is the best homes/sleep pods/living shells/shit holes that UKplc can look forward to in the coming unbounded container wars. I’m looking on the bright side here.

Do you not realise that everything, that everything, Bankster Harlot Marxist Bitchboys, Maoist Boybitches, Trotskyite Androgeunuchs and Mongheathenists touch turns to shit? It has to because it is all a disguised variant of thieving Talturdy money foolery commerce. Business as Evil.

Go on then. Have you ever read their academic business theories? They never work. Ever. However if you bring in murder and death as a controlled variable into their economic theories the equations work perfectly.

Forward into the best that the 18th century could offer using 21st century spiritual suppression.