Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Diaoyutai Islands belong to Taiwan: KMT presidential candidate | Politics | FOCUS TAIWAN - CNA ENGLISH NEWS

Another trouble making Rothbitch Agent at work in the Hyperlittoral.

Diaoyutai Islands belong to Taiwan: KMT presidential candidate | Politics | FOCUS TAIWAN - CNA ENGLISH NEWS

Good one from his nibs re comfort women.

Summary of Professor Park Yuha's Book "Comfort Women of the Empire" 

" I first confronted the comfort women issue in 1991. It was near the end
my study in Japan. As a volunteer I was translating former Korean
comfort women's testimonies for NHK. When I returned to South Korea, Kim
Young-sam was the president, and the Korean nationalism was on the
rise. The anti-Japan lobby "Korean Council for the Women Drafted for
Military Sexual Slavery by Japan" or "Chong Dae Hyup" (정대협 挺対協) in
Korean was gaining momentum. Its leader said publicly it was
determined to discredit Japan for the next 200 years. Its propaganda
turned me off, so I stayed away from this issue for years. I regained my
interest in this issue in the early 2000's when I heard that Chong Dae
Hyup was confining surviving women in a nursing home called "House of
Nanumu." The only time these women were allowed to talk to outsiders was
when Chong Dae Hyup needed them to testify for the UN interrogators or
the U.S. politicians. But for some reason I was allowed to talk to them
one day in 2003. I could sense that women were not happy being confined
in this place. One of the women (Bae Chun-hee) told me she reminisced
the romance she had with a Japanese soldier and the sorrow when he died
in combat. She said she hated her father who sold her. She also told me
that women there didn't appreciate being coached by Chong Dae Hyup to
give false testimonies but had to obey Chong Dae Hyup's order. When
Japan offered compensation through Asian Women's Fund in 1995, about 60
former Korean comfort women defied Chong Dae Hyup's order and accepted
compensation. Those 60 women were vilified as traitors. Their names and
addresses were published in newspapers as prostitutes by Chong Dae Hyup,
and they had to live the rest of their lives in disgrace. So the rest
of the women were terrified of Chong Dae Hyup and wouldn't dare to defy
again. Chong Dae Hyup (some of its members had been arrested as North
Korean spies) has used the comfort women issue for its political
purpose, which is to drive a wedge into U.S.-Japan-South Korea security

In the coming big one UKplc will be like Portugal during WW1 and WW2.

Expect dictatorship stasis for abos and free passage for foreign agents.

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