Monday, 10 August 2015

Quality Assured Ba’al Succulents.

Ever notice how the criminal systems run smoothly like fine oiled machines. Like magic? Whilst everything else doesn’t?

Note how everything you touch is fake shit and designed to fail. Criminality thrives.

Why did all my favourite shit food get removed from the chillers and freezers to be replaced by stinking fresh desert chicken and black beef? Cling filmed Stone Age oozing muck? Notice how dry everything got when the scandals cleared the shelves of John scraps?

How many bird’s eyes in my shit turders and how many dead children in my wanderings on the quality assured dale. All advertised and marketed like O’Puked, McShoesole, Merde Strasse bread crumbed digestive paradise. Guaranteed quality systems dearth and rational death. Yet still they come in their own bread.

Pack a load of unwashed ass ceremonial slaughter into the mix and no wonder they had to start culling the cows, sheep, pigs, turkeys (never swans) and other beasts into the pyres to hide the unknown human offal.

All long pigs gone now. So expect more stinking meat warnings about microwaving before cooking spinning chicken.

If dead animal rubbish can rot your brain what could a targeted cranial massage do for the message?