Thursday, 27 August 2015

Rags and Bones.

Not skull and bones, just a scrap yard’s tale from the grave yard.

I have often speculated out here where the breed mares of the Apiru have been stashed safely away from the death delivered by their wandering tribe this passed 100 years. They always move the zygote storage units way before any obvious danger heaves into view for the abos that scrounge in the wreckage for sustenance. Or they install the test tube dollies way before anyone knows there is a new land to be raped. Pace Americas and the move of Genoese/Venetian pup shoots out there before the Ba’al Hammon bishop of Rome got in on the act.

Ergo we must entertain the idea that export of ovaries must have been executed long before their big one got out of control in 1941.

By precaution and stealth shall ye make new Nimrud messengers.

So journey as counterprophylactic is the Apiru success for replication. Go and read the remains of the Pulitzer Prize wining Old Testament to get a handle on that blood line termination precaution. Rubber bullets for the abos, hot rod shagging for the Apiru. Did the Earth move for you? As a parallel to this constant movement, and concomitant operational dormancy if required, is an active chaotic dynamic in their old sow pens.

The stay behind team are still operating in Europe, currently dormant in USofA corp, but the mares are likely near Brasilia, not DC, Brasilia and the move must have been in the 1920s or earlier. The RCE/NY are a kind of forward deployment management team for the logistics and financing of the continuous weeding of degenerate/reactionary bloodlines. RCE/LC is a Venetian pleasure husk now. UKplc its trouble making open prison In fact if one looks at UKplc history in the 20th century it has been a Super Max for most of that time with a bunch of in house rolling stones released into the global community to complete the psyop. FFS!

Anyway Tarpley has a good summary of the stay behind team still at work in the greater scrapyard, finishing the job of turning Europe from a beautiful society into a terminator spare parts toxic dump.

Every time RCE/LC has a choice, Europe or Turk, it will disguise its Turkish delight.

“New evidence pertaining to the ambush of the Pentagon’s Division 30 platoon of Syrian rebels the Al-Nusra brigade has come to light in a recent report from the McClatchy DC news bureau. According to multiple sources cited in the signal piece report, leaks from Erdogan’s MIT Turkish intelligence to Al-Nusra encouraged the radical group to attack the freshly trained anti-ISIS fighters, leading to a handful of deaths and many being captured, including their leader Col. Nadim Hassan. The leaks were ultimately perpetrated with the tacit consent of Erdogan in order to protect his ISIS fanatics and keep pressure focused on toppling the Assad government. Erdogan feared that a US-backed contingent assaulting ISIS might start a movement in the same direction by the many hungry mercenary terrorists packed into northern Syria.
The spokesman for Division 30, clearly fearing for his life when detailing the extent of Erdogan’s treachery because he was aware of threats by the Turkish government to either kidnap or kill him, nevertheless revealed, “…we know someone aligned with Nusra informed them of our presence. They were taken within 10 minutes.” “