Sunday, 9 August 2015


Have you ever W*H*A*T the only two characters that give you the creeps are the two most affectionately remembered. That is not accidental, that is mental. They are emptied vessels for the empty new.

Ever wondered what scene could encapsulate a whole false stilted commercial poisoning.

That, Dr UKplc medic moment. The body shop NHS for Ba’Al.

Pharma infinancidal genocide of the abos? Soon to be pathawaygayed by universal nurses of the herbical.

That is all the UKplc business persons do.

Clear the fields.

autoPoisonous rent seeking lazy systemscum weeds, ridding rats. Kill us, steal and fool in disguise.

Go on; where did TESCO's land bank go when they made it public, note the MADE it public, that they cooked their useless manmade books?

Oh go on.

Where did the scandal go when everyone found the freezer sectioned emptied because human meat was in the designerAspergencephalitisburgers?

No one.

No one in UK plc cares. pUKepidemic. The source of all pathogenosis.

The self serving staring pig’s bladder slaves here will all die of BSE whilst eating BBQlead on a rainsoaked filed and filed and burned Summer’s afternoon top for nothing but redSovile. Go on.

Wander into a Hornsey PKK store here and find out how much work you do to give them money for standing doing nothing over terror. Fronted ex/impbotchboys.

Never in the duped minds of human activity has so much been given for so little activity. Just Invasive Uterine Denial. IED. No sweat just let the commerce pump out the useless ex/implosion.

Please try and explain it without delivering pills. A false notion of nation handing nothing money over to shelf stackers and kept sore kreeprs of the ration. Always STASI without the interest.  An aborted phantom intercourse of second line fools killing the defenceless and betraying themselves in taxivasion ranks.

You cannot own a means of transportation in UKplc now. The stage play is cleared and now communal cars are the rage. Go on listen to the TTC for any budget care in UKplc. You may not own the thing you never owned in the first place. Like houses, old age, shit houses, bricks and mortar here are like the bread. Fowl, away in a storm. Listen to any drug running bank mortgage scam and it is all sunshine, daisies and honesty bees. The reality is a Philippine welded curate off gold HSCBCNatShitLlvoids.

Go on. What do you think is being stranded at our super ports? Standard 40 foot containers unit robot hovels. The road to Wigan pier is rationed. Not everyone will get there.

They will take it back using money weaponry. Go on; listen to the latest shit from the glass ceilinged robobotchbitch telling us all about segregated cycle lanes’. thresher fools actually think they are safe now. Well you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Come on where do the rating agencies and accountancy firms get their suppressing fire from? In a nation that has printed more counerfiet than ever in existence. In a shithole of fiscal rabbit pooing. In a nation full of criminals. Where is the reality. Criminals do not live in our reality because all they do is laze around all day planning how to stellar our potatoes and tomatoes. As above so below.

A bovine poisoned Herd Attention Space where nothing growns and the stubble is bare. A whole lie deluded foolery of activity disguised as business. With all its catechism and holy books of fuckwittery? Sweat as leisure and pleasure as death.  Where a 20 hour day is to be reamed up the ass by a steam shuvvelled ladyboy on monatomic silvered sepia?

Ever wondered where the cutgutted eunuchs are splashed in D noticed rhetoric?

Logic login wood never debate this tissues.

Watch Triebig die.

Top Gear were never going to follow this mess without a star rising as the risks disguised as television died….

Watch Kelly’s to capture the full T34/85 financed by New York pharmaceutical delivery.

Seek the troublemakers centuries before hand Hindus.