Sunday, 22 July 2018

Husqvarna Song

The delightful swifts are screeing overhead again and I wish them well. I told you did I not that there was some sort of commie destroy the harvest to feed the revolution crap going on here in the opengulag. I was 100% on the nose with that.

Here in the tree surgeon’s paradise 5G means dead fauna and flora.

So to lighten the atmos before the high velocity pharmacy need to check the exception reports let’s just relax, enjoy my beautiful avian companions’ aeroelastic ballet, crack open a brew and sunbake.

If it is possible to describe the character of all matter using singularites, not singularities, the postulate may be made that peoples, being aggregate matter, can be resonant and trapped in such an endless system.

Angels having inthemselvesvented will always remain as warnings to the rhythm.