Sunday, 8 July 2018

Once upon a time…….

…….the USofAcorp president thought it would be a good idea for a phukking great big outbreak of peace.

And it came to pass that the wicked bitch of the yeastinfection was verily right royally cheese off with the idea, for her altRothbitchboy handlers had had a quiet slither into her earhole and said NO. Fuck no!!!

Funnily enough I remember watching the thing unfold and got that feeling that creeps up on you when trapped as a subject on the conzentrations lager and sonderkommando work detail where everything is cheap as fuck and doesn’t work.

Mind you if you want to sacrifice cheeldrens to Katherine of the wheel, everything runs smoothly. In fact the slutbait that occupy the breeder stalls will gladly open their thighs to your instruments and worship you for ever after as the fumes rise from their smoking holes to the delight of your god.

Anyway that feeling always used to bug me any time the UKjunta tried to look pleased that the USofAcorp had turned up to save their pimpasses in the 1940s. It got especially tense whenever a USofA corp president turned up and had to be shown around the Buckingham compound in dasslaverkapital of phoney capital. I used to watch the phoneygeneralissimos in the big rented cutglass uniforms trying to hide their poverty and what they really felt about acting all friendly to the representative of a people they wouldn’t piss on if on fire. Their fixed concominternoblessoblige stare  and slit lips hiding their fizzing thoughts which were “I wish you Yanks would fuck off and die so my inbred multikultic family can get on with stealing everything. You democracyphreedomphukks really get up one’s faakking massive chaldeanhooter!!”

We now know that there was no way that a peace dividend was ever to be handed over to us abos. I remember thinking about what I was going to buy with my slice of it. Ferrets and whiskey. Sorted.

I certainly didn’t want any of my sponds being used to wipe millions of persons off the planet and subsidise the Rothbitchfirebase in Palestine. Just ask any of the survivors of centuries of London City plunder and rapine in Ukplc what they would do with their slice of cash at the time and every single one of them, without exception, would have spend their dosh improving their miserable atomised lives.

Well we can’t be having that sort of nonsense can we? The UKabos are not here to improve themselves they are here to be tolerated if useful and no more.

When some fukkwitz from nowhere Arizona turns up and spouts freedom they are a threat to lives of genocidal sloth. Notice that the USofA corp did not improve UKplc democracy one iota despite napalming Korea to oblivion in the cause. All UKplc had to do was bide its time until it had wasted the USofA corp entirely and turned it rotten with universal parasitical mind fungus. To keep the infection of democracy and freedom at bay in UKplc the distractions of Northern Ireland could keep the place under D notice ignorance and semi lockdownSTASIstylee courts whilst the tentacles of eeveeel were restored to health.

What we now know, no matter what preening fake history scribes tell us is in the secret papers we are not allowed to see, is that the peace dividend was, just like the cold war, bollox. A phantom. Trotskyite constant revolution through unending 1984 homage unending war.

Like phukk did the UKuleegulag Kapos want peace. Ronnie and Gorby were not in Rekyavik to bring anything other than a managed closure to the fake frostiness covering Europe since 45 and get the next chapter of the war crimes Gilbert and Sullivan kicked off.

So Maggie strapped on her Rothschild dildo and butt fucked the life actors. Got their attention and reminded them of what kind of porn play they were really part of. I can just hear her screetching as she reamed Ronnie. “This isn’t Hollywood you two bit phukkwitz actor. This is real life make believe now so cut the peace crap or else we’ll make sure you and your family die tomorrow”

So there I was yesterday watching a C17 wander around under the Heathrow TMA on approach to Northholt. “Oh yes” I thought the Trumpenator is coming to town and the deep hatred that the UKjunta feel for USofA corp has been allowed to surface a little more now than in 1988, by allowing the KreepKhaantKnifemayor to float a trial balloon. “Ahhhh the same stench is raising its ugly head again in the Anglogulag where all the Anglos have been ethnically cleansed to make way for indebted survivors in the trafficker kingdom.”

I hope Trump has brought a great big steam powered sybian in that C17. Strapping the fucker to the first phukkwitz of the treasury should be payback for the unending infinite loathing of ordinary people oozing from the godless toxiccumspewing mongkrippled moneyworshipping numberritualpsychomassmurderers of the heathen call.

It has to be said that atheists are the most useful things God brought into existence over this passed few centuries. Their sublimating souls light the Promethian flare path to light out of darkness forever. Fuck me, how sweet. A useful purgatory for the killerkunts.

Oyoy…in we go.