Thursday, 5 July 2018

Gold=Uranium=Thorium. The 2nd Enrichment

Over here in the Smoke one of my favourites is out and about. OurNHS@70. It was whilst listening to Mark bang on about the Ilysu dam, at the time that I was reading Andrew Collins’ From the Ashes of Angels, that I started paying attention to the destruction of ancient sites. It was obvious that there had to be a secret map of things to be blitzed by any means to make sure the aboscum never got to find out about real old stuff and throw their programmed Ladybird book of gits’story. That is how I knew Kaddafi’s days were numbered. Not the gold, water or human development. It was the chance for abo persons to look at ancient things they built many, many thousands of years ago. Things that the first sweep of the joocrew’s mindmuppets out of Mecca couldn’t destroy through the use of 10,000 year old secret commerce routes in the desert. A kind of Habiru crookedbookcroo stay behind army from the good old days before the black rock dropped from the sky. Homocidal stargazing rock worshipping freekes of the stone age. Someone from the RCE/TAfirebase must have rigged the Pyramids by now. However I digress.

Mark has made the common assumption that the NHS is a British institution solidly locked by Masonic skills into the UK bedrock. Now it may well be that UKabos really wanted such a thing but like all UK actualities it is a joke on them.

As another wander and aside in this mindming let us cast askance at
Got that?

Now your correspondent is well versed in the project costs incurred in any attempt to move shit through the air at very high speed. CFD doesn’t come cheap. Single crystal turbine blades are not going to get delivered by Amazon drone. Brinks Matt armoured truck more like. Real time targeting solutions are fucking difficult. It was explained to the UKaboscum a long while ago that they could not afford to develop fast moving anything again. So everyone in the industries could fuck off and hand their cheeldrens over to grooming gangs. Got that UKabos, you are shite in the eyes of the so called state.

So you get the idea.

How do you explain flying great phukking lumps of concrete over the murder scene then? OK, I know, I know. But you have to admit that the geezers in charge wanted it that way. There is no money to give the best to ordinary scum but gazillions of bucks/quid/sponds to waste on whatever aresbarkingringescape you want released by lifetime actorbitchboys and dollyboybitches into the Herd Attention Space as designer waste of time and life. In UKplc it never stops raining turds from queens.

You can be sure that very soon there will be a Soros(or his clone) funded movement to bring a slice of artistic merde into your life, that will be lead by an killerqueen iGreenKommissar und sonderfluid iDivesityblockfuhrer travelling troupe of players, when you are instructed to debate whether AI should be LGBTQ compliant after a robodrone took out a load of CIApsycholadyboys loaded with sementexvests. I kid you not. Just watch, someone is going to drive the Turing fails gay and they will be driven to shag you rather than deliver your pizza. Be afraid, be very afraid when a Talmudpiot drone breaks through your partition wall and goes full CHEKA on your ass in the KhabalaGulag


And if you do not take part then the local privatised polizeiTuringfails will have you taken away for mental health treatments administered by psychopaths of diversity.

Back to the NHS. Or more precisely the Expendables Grow Bag, EGB.

If there is a point in the history of WWpt2 when it became clear that everything was once again under firm project management and WWpt3 was not going to kick off without the programme managers in London giving the green light it was when UKplc came off National Service, commisarkruschev and kriposcionkennedy were talking and China got  H-Bombs handed to it's childkilling kapos.  Now you may think that is a pretty unstable mix however you’ve got to look at this through the perverted optics of the slaver. Before those events USofA corp might just have been independent enough to start a war for free peoples, ohh you couldn’t have that.

Too much training to UKabos is the last thing that the Habiruhumantraffickercuckoos wanted. The two CHEKA/CIAfronting talking head life time actors were giving the prolescumabos eyeoffball bubblegum and the guys that were in real need of maximum help to enslave humanity’s future were at last, despite all the help they’d been lavished with, active in globalgeopolitics again instead of a backward collection of pavement hawkers and gobbers.

Within 20 years the EGB was on the chopping block. All that the EGB did was research ways to undo the massive inbreeding defects of the imported talent families’ junk genetics. The Expendables were rejects after that moment and everything they had or had paid for was to be thieved. All the world’s top perptalent was imported to steal everything under various flavours of political cover whilst having all the money they wanted handed over to them by the welfare state whilst the UKabos still lived in shitehouses.

Back to enrichment.

One of the clearest demarcations between the RothRock’s bitchboy’s reproach to war and their unwitting enemies was its cheapness and dullardy. Most clearly illustrated in the failure of the gin swilling kibbutz cantoring at Alamogordo and the successful approach to nuclear research illustrated by Von Ardenne/Houtermans &c.

One was examining ways to produce energy to free itself from the embargo and sanctions imposed by the slaverscumHabirucroo in 1933, the other was trying to expand the scope of the commercial net entrapping countries in the WWpt2.

So no one was actually strategically concerned with military affairs. Operationally though, one was to face an existential crisis and the other really couldn’t give a flying one who won, as usual.

We’ll get back to TennisacechabadstyleeChurchillhandller during his 1932 tour of Geeermaneee staring at Hitler’s non existent tube artillery again soon.

Firstly though we look at Blair and his novel 1948, known to us as 1984. Unlike the usual suspects in academia who deliberatley place this in fiction and kulturell phukkwittery if they want their pay checks and clitoclock staring and stroking during their miseralble lifetimes, we put it in operational forward planning and tactical escaped reality.

Since we now know that WWpt2 stopped short of its body count by 50million USofAbos and countless millions of slanteyedabos from Batavia to Kamchatka, think Vietnam only two orders of magnitude greater in scale, we know this because the Cherwellpuppet was scheduled to keep smoking victory as death cigars for years after 1945, we are in a position to examine events under the light of reality’s hard stare. What halted the clear plan so lovingly stoked over the previous century.

Two things stopped the plan and these two peoples have never been forgiven since by the Rothbots and their bosses.

Tommy Atkinson said “Fuck this for a game of soldiers. I’m out of here. I'm not shooting squalidabos in their mudhuts and resettlement cages. My family need me back home to rebuild the shitehouse toilet country we’ve been enslaved in”.  Why the Windrush generation got dragged over in SS Boaty McNazi to these islands is simply a time lag. All the Tommies were supposed to be dead by then. Oooopppssseeee.

The other bunch were the bosses of the lads who bled out and fell from their B17s and B24s. Ranging from the tailgunner in a B29 to the pacific theatre 5 stars all of them wanted out of the piss take and they had just enough leverage to grab the fancy hardware developed by the Nazijoowerke conzentrationzcomplex in mittel Europa. For that they saw their president shot down in front of their eyes in 1963 as punishment.

The plan is still in place. Make no mistake about that and there is no one left to stop it this time. In fact looked at it in the cold light of propagangsta the whole dump at every level above abo wants it.

Every diseased bankers notes and poisonous cryptocoins are toxic common currency with an evil purpose.