Thursday, 12 July 2018

Force Multipliers nullified

Trump Is Going for Game-changing Solutions: President Donald Trump's insistence on a personal summit with Russian President Putin looks stronger than ever, with the welcome breakdown of the most violent opponent of that summit — and the center of geopolitical war schemes — the British government. Russian-American collaboration is central...

Imagine a UKplc borough banning terrorsitas like Massiveeyewateringshirtsboy or Maomongkillerfirstbitch. How's about telling AlinskycommunitytheivingBataviapickerboy or STASIboybitchKalerigkhaant to GGTF. How does a globalcitybitchedrentboy get to say anything without getting equalised?

Imagine telling Roosevelt he was a cunt in 1943?

No, let's statesponsoredhassle and royallicensedridicule the current representative of the memory of 100s of thousands of drafted dougboys from backwards Negraska who fell screaming in pain and death so that a bunch of millenialcriminals could feel safe to get on with slaving and human trafficking today.

All the effort of making a person sovereign and giving them an individuated force multiplier capability has been removed from the UKabo. Invites have been handed out to come and take you back to the stone age.

If ever there was a collection of abdicantkhaants it is the UKabo.