Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 32.

War News Updates: The Middle East Is Gearing Up For A Nuclear Arms R...: Reuters: Saudi Arabia considers its own nuclear options after Iran deal One likely Saudi Arabian response to the deal its biggest enem...

OK lets put this one through the babeltronfish


One likely Saudi Arabian STONE AGE THEIVES response to the
deal its biggest enemy Iran CENTRE OF CIVILISATION has struck with world powers
nuclear power plans, creating an atomic infrastructure it could, one day, seek
to weaponize ALREADY HAS DONE.

But while it has recently made moves to advance its nuclear program WHAT?, experts
say it is uncertain whether it could realistically build an atomic bomb in
secret or withstand the political pressure it would face if such plans were

"I think Saudi Arabia
would seriously try to get the bomb if Iran did. It's just like India and Pakistan. The Pakistanis said for
years they didn't want one, but when India
got it, so did they," said Jamal Khashoggi LYING
MERCHANTOFDEATHSCIONSHITHEAD CLOWN, head of a Saudi news channel owned by a

Update #1: Nuclear
Arms Race: Saudi Source Reveals Plan for the Bomb
-- Arutz Sheva MEDIA SLUT

Update #2:
Middle East rivals agree: Iran nuclear deal is no solution to regional turmoil

-- Washington Times UNNEWSSEWER

WNU Editor:
Whats my take .... quoting New York Observer columnist Micah
Halpern is his latest post .... We’ll
Have What They’re Having: The Iran Nuclear Deal Will Spur an Arms Race


.... Before, during and now after signing of this nuclear deal with Iran,
Saudi Arabia has repeatedly maintained that they want the same rights as Iran.
The Sunnis of Saudi Arabia cannot—and will not—permit Shiite Iranians to get
the upper hand in the region and move toward improved nuclear technology under
the safety shield of a signed and sealed deal.

I concur .... Saudi Arabia
will never position themselves to be subservient to Iran .... something that Washington has probably
underestimated. WASHINGTON

Babeltronfish OFF

If you’ve read here over the past few years then you will know that the RCE/TA, which is ever so modestly presented on that map, is the centre of a massive integrated thieving network to transfer all surpluses from
the west into the new caliphate where the Roth will proclaim itself King in a solid gold temple. That little unmentioned fact about centuries of gold theft globally, explains what sincere folks in the precious metals malarkey do not understand. Almost all gold is sequestered/in escrow/off market.

This is one understanding that always makes me keep a close eye on my favourite, and I do like to hear what they have to say because their rationale is valid though flawed because of their closed world assumptions(Apparently), silver and gold guys like Maloney et al. If I can work that shit out why can’t they? Only enough metals have been released into economic activity, which is itself a holy mission, to keep the machine moving to recover into one palace AGAIN all the gold on earth and its environs. All the while that same machine is used to remove the weeds, us, from the Boss o’ Roth’s garden. More on that garden later and your place in it this century USofA corp.

One will also be aware if one read here since 2013, that the RCE/TA was always intended by Roth to be the only home of WMD. The development of WMD, nukes/chemical/biological, was subcontracted by Rothbosses to German/Jewish (SS/Zionists, call them what you want, they are all fake money manufactured transients built for a purpose and will be taken away to the scrap yard once their sell by date expires) terrorists in SS contract labour camps run within the only nation scientifically and technically capable of
engineering the weapons. These corporate R&D centres were swallowed up as the Reich was overrun by actors with a nonRoth priority and agenda.

Ooooohh the Roth hated that. USofA corp is the main perp as far as Rothbosses are concerned. These actors by 1944 included Stalin who knew by then he had been nothing but a phoney Rock RCE/NY Rothbitchboy, USofA citizen soldiers who were too ignorant and sincere to even realise that such a thing as a Rockboybitch or Rothbitchboy could exist, Rock Milstock who realised they were in deep shit if Roth grabbed the gear as he planned.

All these actors, and others centred out of RCE/LC, caused a massive fireball to erupt in Europe which required a fire blanket to be lowered on the scene of the biggest crime and fairy tale ever imagined. Then the fire curtain called the Iron Curtain was lowered to keep the shit from over flowing into the US public realm whilst total fictions were invented to try and hide the Roth financed and planned horror story that is Europe.

Try and remember that the original plan 1941 had Roth roll over ALL Europe with Stalin’s expensive, Rock tech financed, Red Murder Army, CHEKA Talmudic murderers killing everyone, stealing everything and setting up shop in RCE/TA with the BOMBS.

Project paperclip was a Haifa bound luxury ratline for 1941/2.

By late 1941 RCE/LC would have been happily administering its Empire from an untouched UKplc with millions and millions of starving, ignorant, stunted aboriginals to keep the Roth estates running with dead
children, dead sex slaves and dead crippples’ bodies. A Jimmy Savilestylee on steroids 1940s and eternity.

William Beveridge, an economist, who identified five "Giant Evils" in society: squalor, ignorance, want, idleness, and disease, and went on to propose widespread reform to the system of social welfare to address
these.” Presented UK Parliament Nov 1942

USofA corp. was to be bled white of its whites in an RCE/LC managed 50 years Pacific War. Where do you think that Blair got his material for 1948 from? Big Brother was POTUS before that glorious year
of CIA/NSA 1947 came along to try and bring everything back on plan.

Why do you good burgers of UKplc think that all the public amenities, spaces and areas are M E? Did anyone from UAE, Dubai, Saudi, and Kuwait ever come over and help you defeat the greatest threat to civilisation ever to face humanity? Oh UK civperp peasant scum? From the M E names all over your public infrastructure one would expect that Fighter Command and Bomber Command during 1939-45 were
stuffed full of camel jockeys saving us from the sausage eating eviloids.

Nah. No chance.

There was no rationing for these wise men as they slept peacefully after having beheaded an uppity bitch or bitch slapped a chattel in the deserts, just like today.

So UKplc let us look into your future then.

Within the time frame that it takes to make it quite clear that you cannot afford the money laundering scheme and financial crime scene that is another SSBN and trident replacement programme you will, under full MSM
camouflage, be brought under full Roth operational tribute, parole and serfdom with a nuke strike aimed at your Parliament from the Riyadh, RCE/TA proxy, once it is made quite clear to you your place on Roth’s earth.

Think of the planned 1941 and a Super Savile stalking your land of ignorance. Why do you think all the pedoperps, sexcriminals, cBBCcokesnortingpimps and deadbodyshaggers have been hard at work
removing themselves from the internet? They intend coming back at your children with a vengeance very, very soon UKplc. UK aboriginals will soon have fewer rights than any other aboriginals on the planet.

You will do all this voluntarily, in your own enlightened self interest, as rational economudic decision makers.

No wonder the Boss of Roth is pissing itself. All that need be done is print the money/credits/vouchers shovel it to the appropriate distributor actors and sit back and wait. Do you really think that there is anything other than a magician’s wants at work here? Boss o’Roth need never break sweat other than when draining its vesicles into appropriate breeding recenptacle dollies.

Oh BTW USofA corp. you lot are going into a massive Americas war and at the end of it USofA citizens, that is the stereotypical well read, independent, rational individual so loved of the constitution and Huck Finn will be dead. You are as deadly to the Roth as the kulaks were 200 years ago and you will be removed.

All you have to do is look at Russia now. Fully Boss o’Roth compliant. It may be causing some local difficulties for Roth but it is fully aligned in the overall business strategy. A kulak would never be interested in
BRICS, SCA, BIS, global currencies or alternatives to SPRINT infrastructure.

So the 22nd century Amerogyn is never going to be worried about independence as it straps itself into the hive of emptrapathy.

Indeed, and I will give you this one as a longest of long shots, if and it is a big if, if Nth Europe can be viewed as a 16th century Venetian driven experiment to deal with non adoption of the New Territories business plan by Nth European primatives, as originally specified near Rome in the 2nd century BC, AND Sth European compliance with the business plan was completed much earlier by 10th century AD say?

Stay with this I know we have almost snapped the monofilament of keeping this outpouring attaché to local reality.

If this divergence of business model compliance, and that is what monotheism is at heart; a murdering business model with spiritual pretensions, is viewed over the very, very long term, I mean millennia. Then
the Sth European extension into Sth America in the 14-16th centuries, Genoese/Florentine not Venetian, is the more likely to be in favour this next 2-300 years or so because it is the more mature business model AGENDA21 stylee and recent Papal bullshitstylee.

If the current Euro bollox is not about Europe but about setting up the Sth European, read Med, conditions for Sth American global emergence as Phoenicia, then Nth America is dead meat.

Hence my wondering about Brasilia many years ago now.
“I have also speculated that John Company might have scarpered somewhere. Why? Well the symbolic nature of 9/11 sent a global signal that a base, if not THE base, of operations was no longer in play. I would
hazard a guess that Berlin, Shanghai and Brasilia, especially Brasilia might be the new John Company bases
for the 21st Century. If you know what you are looking for in ground plans and ritual architecture these would be top trumps I hazard to venture.”

To sum up the areas looked at in this outing of mindbarph.

We might view the world in terms of viable compliances.

Nth America Rock
Nth Europe Roth
Sth Europe Roth
Sth America Roth
M E Roth

Which contrasts with the world of 1945 when there was only one operational compliance,

USofA Rock.

Which contrasts with the world planned for 1941.

British Empire Roth
USofA Rock
IJ Roth

BTW USofA corp. when viewed from Roth’s chateau as it gazes out of the upper salons after a hard night’s carnal juxtaposing of bared Scythian blades. EU sounds terribly close to UE. Where as there is a distinct difference between the EU and USofA when viewed out of a Waddesdon balcony. Isn’t language a funny artificiality to reality?