Friday, 10 July 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 29. Kharzbigian Fashion.

So he really is one of the Enochian undead. Almost a century as ersatz/faux/dummynational security advisor. Does he hope to be on a stairway not anytime soon?

Tsk tsk.

So if we can assume that he has no remit to do anything other than carry off the roll and steal the scene then all he’s been writing about is no more than brain rot aimed at the temporarily over educated and easily confabulated by the bamboozletron of technotronica. He is just like an Oracle priest. Taking and talking his bollox off the altar, ritual wealth and gold stealing and money trafficking front man for the mob. How easy it is to fake the fakir disguised within degenerate academic method acting. Just like the rotting old temple virgin over at the Fed. For these clowns anything can be cut off or shuvved up for money.

Although the two ark stages are now one, it is still possible for the actors to lob a bomb or two into the royal box. Unlikely though that may be since all western leaders are now normalised there are still onstage bloodletting to be had behind the fire curtain. Two unavoidable facts that cannot be gainsaid are that the two western leaders with the most mental horse power are Merkel, quantum chemist, and Putin, market theorist. Both have deep psycho warfare backgrounds, are likely not fully normalised into idleidolfaith, and to cap it all Putin is likely a true Christian scholar to boot. Everyone forgets that the KGB ended up fully subverted by the Russian Orthodox Church. We can date the success of that program to when the chosenites started to want to defect to USofA disguised as dissidents claiming the USSR had gone all anti Semite.

I mean wouldn’t you once you’d made a shit house out of the country. They are like a bunch of retards being given the biokeys to an iHouse in the SMART grid. Shitting all over the solar cells, pissing into the water recycling, washing toy dogs in the waterless wasteless, tasteless kebabing concrete squirrels with the WiFi and piercing their clits with optical fibres and flashing LEDs out their fannies to attract low flying insects in their eternal ennui. Then taking an axe to the front door after getting their hands covered in smart water from the local car recharge point whilst trying to steal something shiny. Carcrashy n Dashy n like disanointed clapped out whores and fettered eunuchs of trash worship. Then asking to be rezoned because the house has turned Amytivilleunfriendly mon ami. Phukkmuppets!

Oh you could hear the rending of No7GUM fashion and tearing of young pioneer hair stylists, as Kim would say.

“The late 19th/early 20th century great experiment raging through the Northern hemisphere finally settled down into the two power blocks. West and Soviet. Both run by TPTB’s representatives. After thirty or thirty five years, around the time of Saturday Night Fever, one lot of oligarchs noted that the other lot were having a phekking good time. Not that they were miserable. Indeed they’d never had it so good. 

However their elitist cousins in the West were having a much better time placing their familial reproductive organs in pleasurable juxtapositions. Better places, bitter music, better food and bitter drugs. Las Vegas, Saint Tropez, The Beatles, Sony, Ferrari, Le Mans 24 hours, endless beaches with babes, golden sand and water skiing, 2001 A Space Oddity, Michelin Stars everywhere; the list goes on. What they did have; the most advanced scientific philosophy and concepts on earth, they couldn’t give a stuff about. They wanted to be on the beaches with their Western cousins just like it was before it went pear shaped way back in the 1890s

So they told their Hollywierd cousins, “We’re coming over”. “Hold on a minute” the lads in the butt tight disco flares said “you can’t just pitch up”. WTF we need a narrative to keep the story unbroken and the scum in the dark or TPTB will verily fuck us up.

So they came in from the cold, and lo it was good. The narrative was Glasnost; their agent now runs a big green foundation. However the happy conjoining of those so long sundered was not good for the Russians.

Always remember the preYahweist genocidal Apiru scum and hipgeezers that financed the jewish trashing of the Russia House are the same cameric gold dildo worshippers that pay for Zbig, The Panda Squeezer and any other conference attendee to talk utter shit all day every day COMINTERNunspeak and Synodwrotestylee.

Zbig also lies by ignoring the real "curtain" coming down which is being drawn across the Med to return Sth Europe impoverished and enslaved, see recent papal encyclical, and a vassal to the Levant, which is the usual place for the Med littoral since before Phoenicia.

De-industrialised economies are not service economies they are serf economies and serf economies are never free. Europe is too stupid to understand that. Though the Germans and Russians, even now after a century of culling, are not and again Zbig cannot allude to that, so it is all dressed up in the usual faith based fiction of money fakirs and treasury wankstator mechanics.

USofA corp needs to understand that the temporary inhabitants there are viewed as kulaks by the global creeepzoids and can expect to be labelled as perps just like in the good old USSR. Again see recent papal outpourings. That is the AGENDA21 cute and cuddly desired outcome. Keep drinking the MonsantoGlobalkulakaid.

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