Monday, 28 March 2016

Unnatural hedge

More chimerical goings on from the most GMO’d coupling in history. The BRICS have nothing in common and are going to crack up along fault lines already exposed in the Bushite proto NWO, est. 1988AD.

Just watch as USofA corp. crawls up its own arse, dies and Tom Cruise goes off world with MorCIAmons as cryptoClears.

Anyway from WAG today.

And some other very, very interesting stuff I reparked at the other shop.

Two things need to happen before the one world bollox has a chance. A final clearing of racial memory which needs India/Indo smashed to pulp. A viable massive off world exit for the Apiru.

No sign of the later yet no matter how much the secret space programme OxBridge magicians talk shop.

When the Sea of Tranquility hosts its first orgy cum slaughter of the innocents then you know it is time for the Old World Clearances.