Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Pfhukkin' A.

Couldn't resist this so here are the highlights from main body and comments.

The Irish Savant: By their enemies shall you know them.....: If Americans have any reservations about voting for Trump (and I can understand why they might) his enemies should put them to rest because...

"The intrepid sleuths of the MSM - who proved themselves unable to discover Obama's phony birth certificate or his academic grades, whether he actually attended Columbia University, or explain evidence showing him to have been born in Kenya and registered in an Indonesian school as a Muslim, or how he came to use a Connecticut SS number even though he never lived  there and numerous other basic questions about a person occupying the highest position in the land - have had no such problem when it comes to DT. A stream of unsavoury revelations has flowed unabated since he began to look like a serious contender, obscure facts from earlier years, unverified recollections of 'friends' and former business associates have been used to blacken his reputation to a degree unparallelled in recent times'"

Your correspondent would also add that the RainbowbitchMSMCHEKAboybitches don't get into the Maurice Strong connections either. Hey ho the ofcolourwhitenoisestaticmindblank disppearingdotworld of the blinded concrete keptblond barbiewhore bitchboyeunuch of the broadcasting world is a wonder of selfshutteringjailharem.

Anyway here are a couple of classics from UN in the comments.
"Uncle Nasty said....
Anonymous said...

This evening on CNN International Christiane Amanpour interviewed Madeleine Albright and she was so upset about how Europe is not taking in enough "refugees".

Albright:"I know that it's a huge amount of people but the thing that really drives me crazy is watching these people that have crossed carrying their children or one worldly good across deserts and then being in boats where they're afraid of drowning and then being treated like dogs and by the way I have said American dogs are treated better than what is happening with the refugees."

Hmmmmm ... Could this be the same Madeleine Albright, (born Marie Jana Korbelová ... a Czech jewess) who famously said on "60 Minutes" in 1996:-

During a 60 Minutes interview in 1996, Albright, then Ambassador to the United Nations, infamously suggested that 500,000 dead Iraqi children due to UN sanctions was a price worth paying.

“We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?” Lesley Stahl asked Albright.

“We think the price is worth it,” Albright responded.

After receiving intense criticism, Albright later tried to back away from the callous comment, but still took time to accuse Stahl of engaging in “Iraqi propaganda” simply for asking the question.

... and while we're slinging mud around, could this be the same Madeleine Albright whose Daddy stole, not only a fortune in art, but the actual dwelling in which the art resided?

A luxurious first-floor flat at 11 Hradsanke Street in Prague was assigned to Albright's father as a reward for his services to the Czech foreign ministry. It had been expropriated from the Nebriches, who, although not members of the Nazi party, had lived comfortably as citizens of the Reich during the war but then found themselves out of favour with the Czech authorities when the war ended.

The Nebriches allege that Korbel took possession of paintings, silver and antique furniture, though these were not included in the expropriation order. "He took the lot, even the nailsfrom the wall," said Doris Renner, a daughter of Nebrich. When Korbel was appointed ambassador to Yugoslavia, he moved his family - and, allegedly, the treasure trove of art - to Belgrade.

History is such a relentless bitch, isn't it?
In spite of overwhelming MSM whitewashing ...

Onto Madelaine Albright Part II

9 March 2016 at 04:59
Anonymous Uncle Nasty said...
Madelaine Albright Part II

Allegations of hate speech against Serbs

In late October 2012, during a book signing in the Prague bookstore Palác Knih Luxor, Albright was visited by a group of activists from the Czech organization "Přátelé Srbů na Kosovu". She was filmed saying "Disgusting Serbs, get out!" to the Czech group, which had brought war photos to the signing, some of which showed Serbian victims of the Kosovo War in 1999. The protesters were expelled from the event when police arrived.

Two videos of the incident were later posted by the group on their YouTube channel.[104][105] Filmmaker Emir Kusturica expressed thanks to Czech director Václav Dvořák for organizing and participating in the demonstration. Together with other protesters, Dvořák also reported Albright to the police, stating that she was spreading ethnic hatred and disrespect to the victims of the war.[106][107]

Albright's involvement in the NATO bombing of Serbia was the main cause of the demonstration – a sensitive topic which became even more controversial when it was revealed that her investment firm, Albright Capital Management, was preparing to bid in the proposed privatization of Kosovo's state-owned telecom and postal company, Post and Telecom of Kosovo. In an article published by the New York-based magazine Bloomberg Businessweek,

it was estimated that the deal could be as large as €600 million. Serbia opposed the sale, and intended to file a lawsuit to block it, alleging that the rights of former Serbian employees were not respected.[108]


Should one point out that Allbright and Hillary Clinton were virtually joined at the hip during the whole Kosovo fiasco?

I am quite amazed that no charges of genocide have been brought against the two of them.

Oh ... Wait.

An independent panel commissioned by the Organization of African Unity charged this weekend that the United States, France and Belgium, as well as the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, turned a blind eye to the mass killing of as many as 800,000 Rwandans in 1994. It concluded that the three governments should provide "a significant level of reparations" to the Central African country.

The 318-page report challenged President Clinton’s claim that the United States’ failure to act in Rwanda was due to ignorance of the extent of the atrocities unfolding there. And it accuses Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who represented the United States in the U.N. Security Council at the time, of using "stalling tactics" to prevent a military rescue mission. State Department spokesperson Richard Boucher responded to the report by saying that Clinton and Albright have already voiced contrition for U.S. inaction. He declined to comment on the call for reparations.

Washington’s refusal to label what was happening in Rwanda "genocide" has been questioned for years. In June 1994 at a State Department press briefing, spokesperson Christine Shelley was asked how careful the State Department was not to say outright genocide.

Yes just like Kissinger, Holbrooke, Nuland and assorted dual use muppetry we can ask Albright "What is your real handle china?"

And the answer will always be FUKKWITTZ.

All hail the Khazi King Fukkwittz.